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Bringing personalized oncology to cancer prediction — and prevention - Hutch News (October 1)
Unique $2.4M NCI-NIEHS award teams Hutch cancer geneticists, epidemiologists and oncologists to use mutation rate to predict individual cancer risk.

Illustration depicting ovarian cancer symptoms

Squelching ovarian cancer: the not-so-silent killer - Hutch News (September 17)
Article highilghting the Bielas Lab's collaboration with Dr. Charles Drescher to develop an early-detection, ultrasensitive ovarian cancer test.



2017 Year in Review poster

Top 10 Fred Hutch science highlights in 2017 (December 28)
We were honored to have made the list of the Hutch’s top notable discoveries of 2017 for our collaborative work with 10X Genomics.

How to be a curestarter - Hutch News (February 24)
A longtime Fred Hutch booster helps a promising genetic researcher parlay $100K into a $2.2M grant to explore innovative new therapies.

Fred Hutchinson scientists develop a better way to look at cells - (January 19)
A piece on the recent collaboration between the Bielas Lab and 10X Genomics, featuring an interview with Dr. Bielas.

Single Cell video thumbnail

Fred Hutch study: Biotech company’s new genetic data system could advance cancer research - GeekWire (January 17)
Article highlighting the technological advancement and potential of single cell transcriptomics, as demonstrated in the recent Bielas lab publication.

Capturing information from thousands of cells at once - Fred Hutch News Release (January 16)
A profile of the Bielas Lab's single cell RNA-seq work and recent Nature Communications manuscript.



Genotoxic agents not mutagenic to mitochondria - Fred Hutch Science Spotlight (October 17)  
A monthly review of Fred Hutch-authored papers features a summary of the recent Valente et al. manuscript.

Nucleic Acids Research publication

Mitochondrial DNA exhibits resistance to induced point and deletion mutations (October 14)
Valente et al. Nucleic Acids Research publication is selected as the cover story and NAR Breakthrough Article in the latest issue.

Massively parallel digital transcriptional profiling of single cells - (July 26)
Preprint of manuscript on single cell RNA-seq analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) utilizing 10X Genomics technology.

Debut of Bielas Laboratory Twitter account (March 31)

Cancer: hunting rare somatic mutations - Nature Methods (March 30)
Editorial feature discussing CypherSeq among emerging ways to lower the error rate when hunting low-frequency mutations.




A DNA sequencing sleuth called CypherSeq - Fred Hutch Science Spotlight (November 15)
An article highlighting the recent Bielas Lab publication in Nucleic Acids Research, Targeted single molecule mutation detection with massively parallel sequencing.

Bielas Lab develops technique to detect rare gene mutations for earlier cancer detection - Hutch News (September 25)
A Hutch News article outlining the development of the CypherSeq technique.




QuanTILfying the body’s immune response to tumors - Fred Hutch Science Spotlight (January 20)
"In a paper in Science Translational Medicine, Drs. Harlan Robins and Jason Bielas, along with other colleagues in the Public Health Sciences, Clinical Research, and Human Biology Divisions, describe a new method for precisely measuring TILs, and demonstrate its translational potential for clinical use."




QuanTILfy DNA Test Could Predict Ovarian Cancer Survival - Huffington Post (December 5)
An article in Huffington Post Healthy Living highlighting the promise of Bielas Lab-developed QuanTILfy as an ovarian cancer prognostics tool.

Researchers develop new method for predicting ovarian cancer survival - Fox News (December 5)
A Fox News article introducing the QuanTILfy tool.

Predicting ovarian cancer by counting tumor-attacking immune cells - Fred Hutch News Release (December 4)
Study led by Jason Bielas finds new way to quantify immune cells reliably, quickly and cheaply.

New test may help predict ovarian cancer survival - CBS News (December 4)
CBS News article hightlighting the inprovement of the QuanTILfy tool over traditional staining methods.

Seeing Deletions in "3D" - Fred Hutch Science Spotlight (October 21)
A sensitive, unbiased, absolute measure of spontaneous mitochondrial DNA deletions provides support for a clonal origin of deletions in mitochondrial genomes.

Library Prep Method Melds DNA Quantification and Size Selection into Single Step with Digital PCR - GenomeWeb (September 10)
A droplet digital PCR technology developed by the Bielas Lab allows measurement of DNA quantity and amplicon size in a single step.

Researchers pinpoint gene expression changes associated with human cancers - NIEHS Environmental Factor (June)
The new study showed that gene expression changes associated with tumor-related metabolism vary significantly across 22 types of human tumors.

Bielas Lab postdoc receives Rivkin award - Hutch News (April 22)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Dr. Jessica Bertout, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Bielas Lab, is the recipient of a 2013 Gilman Family Scientific Scholar Award from the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Gene Expression Data Yields Significant Tumor Breakthroughs - (April 22)
Dr. Jason Bielas of Public Health Sciences collaborated on this multi-site study led by Columbia University.



Colorectal Cancers Lack Mitochondrial Genomic Instability - AACR Cancer Discovery (June 14)
Article outlining the lower mutation mitochondrial DNA mutation rate in cancers compared to normal tissues.

A sign of cancer immortality in mitochondria? - Nature News (June 8)
Article quotes Dr. Jason Bielas about his research.

Fewer Mutations in Tumor Mitochondria - The Scientist (June 7)
Quotes Dr. Jason Bielas about his research, which found that mitochondrial DNA of colon cancer cells contain fewer mutations than that of healthy colon tissue.



Bielas wins $2.6 million enviromental award - Hutch News (August 30)
The Public Health Sciences Division’s Dr. Jason Bielas was recently granted an Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

The Impact of your Support - Hutch Award Luncheon Press Release (July 20)
Dr. Jason Bielas joined Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2008, adding a new facet to our early detection research.



Two Center scientists receive new investigator awards - Hutch News (December 7)
Bielas, Mostaghel secure three-year funding for prostate-cancer research.

New faculty member receives $400,000 award - Hutch News (July 27)
Bielas wins New Scholar in Aging award from The Ellison Medical Foundation for studies on cancer and age-related disease.

In his own words: Bielas on aging - Hutch News (July 27)
Center News holds Q&A with New Scholar in Aging Jason Bielas.