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Collaborative Data Services has many years of experience working with Fred Hutch investigators, and our approach to designing and implementing data collection, interviewing, and programming is rigorous, cost-effective and of high quality. Rather than hiring new staff, you can make more effective use of your funds by hiring our services either at an hourly rate, or as a percentage of FTE. We can customize our services to fit your budget, however small: a recent completed study had a budget of $250. Our staff can work from our suite of offices on the first floor of the Arnold building, or come to you. CDS comprises a Programming Core, a Data Operations, Language Services and Research Interviewing Core. Our teams use evidence based standards and effective quality assurance procedures from project design to final delivery.


Description of Selected Services  |  Collaborators

Description of Selected Services

Telephone recruitment and survey research (Research Interviewing Core)

We perform telephone data collection using computer-assisted telephone interviewing tools. Our system optimizes data quality and efficiency using built-in quality assurance features. Interviewing occurs six days a week (with the addition of Sunday calling an option), and our automated call-management software ensures that respondents' participant contacts are spread out throughout the day and week. Our bilingual staff has been trained in interviewing methodology and has experience in dealing with a wide range of patient populations. Please see Research Interviewing Core for more details.

Mail surveys and self-administered questionnaires (Data Operations Core)

We have extensive experience designing and administering questionnaires and surveys, and our goal is to design instruments that maximize comprehension and response, to minimize missing data, and to create a data collection instrument that is easy and efficient to use. We routinely supply feedback to investigators about survey readability and ease of use, can pretest your surveys, and can help you to refine your surveys.

We have completed numerous study mailing projects, both large and small, and including mailing specimen collection instructions and sampling kits to participants.

Data entry services (Data Operations Core)

We perform data entry services either into pre-existing databases, or in databases that are custom designed by our programming staff. We can perform double data entry for your entire sample, or at a pre-specified rate such as 10-20%, depending on your budgetary restrictions.

We offer a variety of other services (at an hourly rate) including:

  • Document Scanning
  • Filing
  • Survey testing
  • Barcode labeling
  • File redaction
  • Performing Freezer inventories

Please see Data Operations Core for more details

Database and custom software development (Programming Core)

CDS programmers and project managers have more than 20 years’ experience in collaboration with researchers.

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Database management tools. We offer two levels of programming services to make our services more affordable. Micrsoft Access and survey configuration & programming is billed at the lower rate, while custom programming and SQL-based database work is billed at the higher rate.
  • Electronic data caputre, clinical trial work flow and data management services (using REDCap).
  • Databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.
  • Programming languages, including C#, Java, JavaScript, FORTRAN, and Visual Basic.
  • Survey software, including REDCap and DatStat Illume.
  • Statistical software, including SAS, SPSS, and R.
  • Moving data from one system to another and data transformation using Stat/Transfer and other software.

We also provide multi-site project management and data coordination services

Please see Programming Core for more details.


A selection of some past and current collaborators include:

  • PHS Faculty Review (PHS Administration)
  • CSS Server Migration (PI Schwartz)
  • FACTS Follow-up (PI Ramsey)
  • ACTNow (PI Bricker)
  • Cambodian HPV Vaccine (PI Taylor)
  • CANTRANce (PI Etzioni)
  • ColoCare (PI Ulrich)
  • Fortaleza Latina (PI Beresford)
  • INSPIRE (PI Syrjala)
  • NASR (PI Neuhouser)
  • PATH (PI Elmore)
  • Seattle Children's:Hem/Onc:PLAT-01 Study (PI Gardner)
  • Sjögren's Syndrom Salivary Biomarkers (PI Feng)
  • Shanghai Parkinsonism Study (PI Li)
  • Uganda Project (PI Casper)
  • WHI (LILAC, Long Life, OPACH, Medications and Supplements Inventory) (PI Anderson)

CDS Collaborators

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