Data Control Services



Survey (Questionnaire) Data Entry and Management

CDS services include: survey design and proofreading; developing codebooks; and performing rigorous quality-assurance procedures. We use multiple software programs for entry and verification of data from paper forms.


CDS can transcribe from both individual speaker and groups of speakers.

Mail Assembly

CDS can accommodate postcards, advance letters, reminder letters, promotional materials, and study supplies such as biospecimen collection containers. We have extensive experience conducting personalized mailings while maintaining participant confidentiality, and all our staff receive training in privacy protection including HIPAA.

Label Printing

CDS specializes in printing freezer labels.

Survey Development

CDS can help you design forms from scratch or help to adapt existing forms for web or telephone delivery.

Spanish/English Translation

CDS employs fluent bilingual speakers who can make your study accessible to both English and Spanish speakers.

CDS "Take away"

CDS offers a variety of services to help you fill short term staffing vacancies. Our staff can come to you or carry out their tasks in our offices at a affordable hourly rate.

For more information please contact:

Jude Warner


‘CDS has been an integral part of our studies, performing key activities such as survey and data operations. Their commitment to the success of our studies paired with their great collaboration skills is to be commended. And best of all, they are a resource right here at the Center! ‘
Jonathan Bricker, PI of TALK and PATH studies