Interviewing Core

The Collaborative Data Services Interviewing Core has been collaborating with Fred Hutch investigators for over 20 years. We provide a variety of services which can range from a few hours of mentoring and instruction, to collaborative work over the course of many years.

Under the direction of Jude Warner, our team works with investigators to administer survey instruments; collect and record specific information for scientists and statisticians; and maintain data integrity.

We have expertise in a wide variety of both qualitative and quantitative interview formats including:

  • Telephone interviews using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems
  • In–person interviews
  • Self-administered surveys

We provide services from all stages of the study process including:

  • Assistance with budgetary issues and describing interview processes in the grant writing phase
  • Assistance and feedback on survey instrument design
  • Piloting surveys and feedback on ease of use
  • Administration of the survey instrument
  • Spanish/English translation services
  • Bilingual interviewing (Spanish/English)
  • Interviewer training on a consultant basis

Interviewing process

We train our interviewers to be familiar with study materials and to validate study instruments before administering them. If we identify any concerns we are happy to bring these issues to the attention of investigators. During the interviewing process, we listen to and address participant concerns; record data accurately; ensure confidentiality; and provide ongoing reports to investigators.

Data Integrity and Quality Assurance

We embrace both team-wide and individual approaches to ensuring data integrity. All of our interviewing staff have completed Human Subjects and HIPAA training. Interview quality is continuously assessed using audio and visual monitoring software with routine feedback. We provide a variety of reports to investigators, depending on their preferences and desired outcomes.
To ensure the most effective methods of capturing data, the CDS interviewing core is happy to meet with clients and provide step-by-step comprehensive assistance in the development of survey protocols.

CDS “Take Away” and Mentoring Services

Our experienced interviewing staff can come to you and perform telephone interviewing from your offices or study center. We can train and mentor your staff in effective methods for performing telephone or in-person interviewing. We also offer study set-up assistance for the interviewing portion for new studies. CDS Interviewing staff can be hired at an hourly rate for any size study.


For further detail please contact:

Jude Warner

A selection of Current and Past studies that have used the Interviewing Core over the past 5 years

Women’s Health Initiative (WHI):

  • Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS): Collaborative study between Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Fred Hutch (BWH: Dr. JoAnn Manson, PI and Howard Sesso, PI; the Hutch: Dr. Garnet Anderson, PI). 2015-present
  • Women’s Health Initiative Strong and Healthy (WHISH): Collaborative study between Stanford University and Fred Hutch (Stanford: Dr. Marcia Stephanick, PI; the Hutch: Charles Kooperberg, PI and Dr. Andrea LaCroix, PI). 2015-present
  • Physical Activity Follow-up Study: a sub-study of WHISH (PIs, see WHISH study). 2015-present
  • Life and Longevity After Cancer study (LILAC) (English & Spanish surveys): Garnet Anderson, PI. 2013-2015
  • OPACH (English & Spanish surveys): Dr. Julie Hunt, PI. 2013-2015
  • Long Life Study (English & Spanish surveys): Dr. Garnet Anderson, PI. 2011-2013

TALK R01 study: Dr. Jonathan Bricker, PI. 2015-present

Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research (HICOR) BMT CEA 1101: Dr. Scott Ramsey, PI. 2015-present

HICOR - Optimizing Personalized Care Using Economic Studies of Genomic Testing (OPC): Dr. Scott Ramsey, PI. 2015-present

Family and Cancer Therapy Selection Study (FACTS) conducted by Investigators at the Hutch and participating accrual sties. Dr. Scott Ramsey, PI (the Hutch). 2013- 2015

PATH: Dr. Jonathan Bricker, PI. 2010-2014


‘CDS interviewers have worked to support the [WHI] LILAC (Life and Longevity After Cancer) Study, calling non-responders and completing consents and questionnaires with the participants. The CDS staff members have been a pleasure to work with, quick to respond to our questions and to follow-up regarding questions that arise during their calls with the participants. …they have both been courteous and prompt with forwarding completed forms, and ensuring their team has an appropriate queue of work to keep the calling running smoothly’.
Lisa Johnson, Project Director for WHI LILAC. (2014)