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Who We Are

CDS Interviewing, Translation and Interpretation Services (ITIS) is a new core within CDS. We are a 5-member team of Spanish-speaking language professionals and native speakers with 25+ years of combined experience in medical and scientific translation and interpretation. Our goals are to help bridge the communication gap between researchers and clinicians at the Fred Hutch and individuals or communities with limited English proficiency. These services represent an additional tool to reduce communication and health literacy barriers to often disadvantaged groups, by increasing access to information about cancer research, cancer prevention, healthy lifestyles, and access to clinical trials, for example.   Thanks to Center Leadership, for FY23 we can now offer language services at limited or no cost to groups who wish to communicate research findings to Spanish-speaking communities.  

Our language services are provided in Spanish, but we hope to extend them in other languages in the future. 

Our team is formed by:

  • CDS Director - Catherine Duggan Ph.D.
  • Project Manager - Jude Warner
  • Project Coordinator - Ángela Carvajal
  • Staff Translators - Adriana Nodal-Tarafa; Ángela Carvajal
  • Reviewer - Adriana Nodal-Tarafa

What We Offer

While we utilize the latest communication technologies such as Computerized Assisted Translation Tools (CAT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, we strongly believe that the human expertise (HM) and attention to detail our professionals provide, truly sets us apart and helps us to improve cost, increase our productivity and efficiency. Please see our rates below

We provide the following language services:

Translation (T9n)


“Translation is not a matter of words only; it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.” -Anthony Burgess 

We not only transfer words from one language into another, but also carry over the meaning. We provide high-quality and accurate translations that best suit your target audience. We do ALL TYPES of translations such as: research materials (surveys, questionnaires, informed consents, etc.), social media, websites, marketing materials, educational materials and more...

We have organized three different translation packages to fit your budget and needs:


Translation Chart

We will also provide a Translation Certificate for the IRB, where needed.

While we charge by word count and language complexity based on the industry standards, we will work with clients to keep our costs as low as possible. Our translations go under strict scrutiny to ensure high-quality results.

There is an additonal fee for content management.
Please see our rates below

Translation process

Sight Translation

Our professional translators and interpreters can read a document in the source language while rendering it out loud in the target language. Isn't this task wonderful!?

Sight translation


Ally Interpreting

Our professionals facilitate oral communication. They can deliver both simultaneous and consecutive modes.

Simultaneous Interpretation: when the interpreter translates at the same time as the speaker is giving their speech. 
Consecutive Interpretation: the speaker makes a speech (usually a few sentences), while the interpreter takes notes, and then reproduces what the speaker has just said in the target language.

We can perform interpretation for focus groups, group interviews and one-on-one interviews.

bilingual interview

Bilingual Interviewing

Our trained bilingual staff excels at conducting qualitative and quantitative interviews in English and Spanish. The team has over 20 years of experience, and has collaborated with numerous Hutch groups administering data instruments such as surveys, questionnaires, consent forms, qualitative interviewing and medical forms. We demonstrate flexibility in our schedules and a level of interest that encourages people to relax and open up quickly. 

As part of our coaching, our interviewers take basic courses in Protecting Patient Information Training (HIPAA), Good Clinical Practice for Social and Behavioral Research, Human Subject Research, among others depending on the nature and requirements for each study. 



What We Do

  • Teamwork Mindset
  • Outbound and Inbound Calling
  • Telephone and Video Interviews (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype)
  • Participant Recruitment
  • Study Screenings
  • Follow-up Calls, Texts and Emails
  • Collection of Data
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Meet Tight Deadlines
  • Daily Check on Study Message Lines
  • Interview Recordings


Thanks to our online transcription software (HappyScribe) supplemented with reviews by our in-house linguists. We can deliver fast and accurate transcripts of audio or video recordings. 


Localization (L10n)

The Cambridge Business English Dictionary defines localization as the process of making a product or service more suitable for a particular country, area or region (Locale).

We understand the importance of adapting the content of a document, service or product to a particular audience and its culture. We know that addressing your audience's needs in a way that they understand, like and feel comfortable with, makes a huge difference. By engaging the expertise of seasoned translators who speak the language of your audience, you can ensure message consistency, present yourself professionally and convey respect for your non-English-speaking audiences. We recognize that localization is essential to gain trust and guarantee that the content of your document, service or product is culturally relevant and engaging to your target audience.

Localization and Translation go hand in hand

Our Competitive Rates


Internal Price/ Hr.

For anyone with a Fred Hutch project ID

Consortium Price/ Hr.

For Consortium members 

External Price/ Hr.

For everyone else





Bilingual Interviewing




Bilingual Transcription





Whom to Contact

For more information on how we can help you, please contact:

Angela Carvajal; ext: 7357;
Jude Warner; ext: 1492. 

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for any project/document at no cost.


Making an estimate

Featured Clients

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