Lost to Follow-up Tracking Service

Lost to Follow-up Tracking Service

  • Does your work depend on contact with past study subjects?
  • Are you having difficulty finding them or maintaining contact?
  • Do you need vital status on subjects whose whereabouts are unknown?

We can track your study participants using search processes approved by the FHCRC IRB.

Given accurate study subject names and formerly-current addresses and telephone information, we can typically:


1. Find new contact information for study subjects that have been lost to follow-up
2. Provide unlisted numbers and cell phone information from a database containing over 400 million unique, non-published telephone listings
3. Provide extensive address histories for study subjects, throughout the U.S.
4. Provide vital status updates via Social Security information
5. Customize an approach that suits both your project and your budget
6. First meetings and estimates are free of charge


For more information please contact:

Star Dirette


A selection of studies that have used LTS services over the past 5 years.

  • NWCGN (Northwest Cancer Genetics Network): PI Karen Edwards/Deb Bowen 2009
  • HSHSS (Hutchinson Study of High School Smoking): PI Art Peterson 2010
  • NWTS (National Wilms Tumor Study) PI Norm Breslow 2010
  • SPORE (Breast Cancer: Specialized Program of Research Excellence): PI Janet Stanford 2010
  • CHAI (Children's Health After Injury): PI Frederick Rivera 2010
  • HEAL (Health Eating Activity and Lifestyle study): PI Anne McTiernan 2011
  • PCPT (Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial): PI Cathy Tangen 2012
  • CCFR (Colon Cancer Family Registry): PI Polly Newcomb 2012
  • SELECT (Selenium & Vitamin E Prevention Trial): PI Cathy Tangen 2012
  • FACTS (Family and Cancer Therapy Selection): PI Scott Ramsey & Lisel Koepl 2012, 2013
  • INSIGHT (In Situ Survivors Involved in Gaining Health Answers Together): PI Christopher Li 2013
  • BRAVO (Breast Cancer Risk and Various Outcomes): PI Christopher Li 2013
  • PROGRESS (Prostate Cancer Genetic Research Study) : PI Janet Stanford 2013


[CDS’] professional attitude and expertise is complemented by a personal level of customer support and oversight which provides a very positive experience overall and the reassurance that every possible effort to locate study participants has been made. …..Working with LTS has always led to a high number of successful outcomes and without their input we would have lost contact with a much greater percentage of our study participants which would be seriously detrimental to our ongoing research.

Laura McIntosh, PROGRESS Study Coordinator (PI Stanford)