Programming Core


Our programming core provides a variety of services. These services include:

Custom scientific software development

Scientific research needs are frequently not met by Microsoft Office and other off-the-shelf software packages. The CDS programming core can craft custom web, desktop, or mobile software to help run your project. Whether it’s to manage study participants, track specimens, provide a web-based intervention, or create a study-wide digital dashboard, CDS has the experience you can count on to fill your needs.

Web site creation

The CDS programming core can create web sites to provide a basic web presence, help you recruit study participants, or to integrate disparate systems. Need the ability of participants to email questions, integrate with social media, or track page views and clicks? Do you wish purchase a project domain? CDS can provide all that, and deliver a single integrated solution.

Data coordination and operation oversight for multisite projects

The CDS programing core has data management and project management specialists with considerable experience helping to coordinate and manage clinical trials and other research studies.  

Electronic data collection

CDS can ease the burden of collecting data using REDCap EDC software. Using REDCap, the CDS Programming Core can help you collect data using electronic CRFs and surveys, contact and randomize participants, and manage the workflow of clinical trials and other research studies, complete with audit trails.  

Contact Us

Ryan Merrill

Phone: 206.667.4828


We offer two programming rates:

  1. Standard programming: For custom software development and database development using server-based programs like SQL Server and MySQL. Let our experienced programming staff create a solution that works for you.
  2. Microsoft Access and REDCap programming: If your group needs help with Microsoft Access programming or creation of electronic forms or surveys using REDCap, you will be charged a lesser rate.

Many solutions may require a hybrid that contains some data form/survey programming and some custom programming. In these situations, you will pay the appropriate rate for the delivered component.



CDS programmers have more than 20 years’ experience in collaboration with researchers and have expertise in:

  • Databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.
  • Programming languages, including C#, Java, JavaScript, FORTRAN, and Visual Basic.
  • Survey software, including REDCap and DatStat Illume.
  • Statistical software, including SAS, SPSS, and R.
  • Moving data from one system to another and data transformation using Stat/Transfer and other software.

A selection of projects that we have collaborated with over the past 5 years include:

  • Protocols Database: Larry Corey, PI. This web-based system is used by SCHARP, HVTN CORE, and HANC to keep track of protocols, sites, and personnel for hundreds of AIDS clinical trials conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).
  • BPATH Participant Website, Online Slide Viewer, and Study Dashboard: Joann Elmore (UW), PI. Margaret Pepe, Co-PI. CDS built a web-based system that integrates email invites, eligibility and baseline surveys, blocked randomization, a histology form, an innovative online slide viewer that zooms and pans in one seamless package. Plus the study team manages and is able to view instant enrollment stats using the web-based study digital dashboard.
  • Biomarkers of Sjogren’s Syndrome CCDMC: David Wong (UCLA), PI. Ziding Feng, Co-PI. CDS serves as the Clinical Coordination and Data Management Center for this multi-center clinical trial. CDS is responsible for all data collection, management, and quality assurance. CDS has also been responsible for the creation of the manual of procedures, enrollment reporting, and many other aspects of site initiation, quality assurance, and trial management.
  • Consortium Publications Website: Fred Hutch Director’s Office. CDS created a website that works with a feed of consortium publications provided by the library each year to process the publications and match them to cancer consortium members, the end result being an annotated list of publications grouped by program and author for insertion into the Core Grant renewal application.
  • Specimen Tracking System: Multiple groups. Back in 2004, CDS was asked to rescue an aging specimen tracking system for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) samples. CDS built the web-based tracking system for PI Soheil Meshinchi’s AML specimen bank. Since then, CDS has been asked to create similar specimen tracking systems for a total of five groups at the center.  

Mentoring & Training

We also provide mentoring and training. Our staff can come to mentor/train you at our offices or come to you. Our seasoned programmers can provide mentoring in Microsoft .NET, C#, Web/HTML/JavaScript, SQL Server, SAS, and Microsoft Access development. 


"We have been working with the Collaborative Data Services (CDS) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for over two years now. CDS serves as the Clinical Coordination and Data Management Center (CCDMC) of a NIH-funded biomarker clinical study. CDS was able to establish an online data site and evolve that site to meet the changing needs of our study. This was not a task taken lightly, as it involved the coordination of four clinical sites, with clinical and laboratory components, combined with Governmental rules, regulations, and oversight. This process involved the creation of study specific forms, data sheets, enrollment monitoring, and extensive communication. There were times when a 9 to 5 schedule was not an option and this was productively met with enthusiasm and professionalism. The CDS leadership and staff are competent, collaborative and accommodating. We look forward to completing this project and starting the second phase; not only for the scientific value of the project, but also continuing our relationship with CDS at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center."

— David Wong, PhD, PI, Salivary Biomarkers for Sjogren's Syndrome Detection-Definitive Validation, University of California, Los Angeles

"CDS developed interactive data collection tools for use in three of our NIH funded multi-center R01 research grants. This work included web-based surveys, reporting tools, and an interactive digital whole-slide pathology viewer which serve as the face of our research when participants directly interact with these products. We have received only positive feedback from participants regarding these tools, especially the slide viewer, which highlights the skills of CDS. Most importantly, however, CDS are fun to work with, being truly collaborative and often suggesting inventive ways to develop solutions. We consider them valued members of our research team."

— Joann Elmore, MD, MPH, Department of Medicine, UW