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REDCap Services at CDS

CDS manages an installation of the popular REDCap electronic data capture system and is a member of the REDCap consortium. You will find our REDCap server at CDS also provides extensive training in REDCap which you can explore on the REDCap Training page.

REDCap Defined

REDCap is a mature, secure web application for building and managing CRFs, data forms, and participant-completed surveys. REDCap stands for Reseach Electronic Data Capture -- it was created by and for researchers working in the academic / non-profit world.

REDCap is HIPAA-compliant and supports advanced features such as logging, validation, branching logic, e-signatures, randomization, calculated fields, and programming hooks. REDCap's mobile app allows allows for offline data capture using iPad and Android tablets. Collected data can be easily exported from REDCap to Excel and common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, and R). 

The beauty of REDCap is that it's easy to get started but it also has advanced features and programming hooks to serve researchers needs when creating simple surveys all the way to conducting large complex research studies and projects.

REDCap has been used by thousands of non-profit institutions throughout the world on hundreds of thousands of projects. The REDCap group at Vanderbilt University manages the development of the REDCap code base; new features are being added every month that make REDCap better and better. CDS, which is an active member of the REDCap consortium, regularly maintains our REDCap installation so that it remains up-to-date.

REDCap Security and Privacy

The Fred Hutch REDCap installation has been carefully configured to meet stringent Fred Hutch security and privacy concerns. REDCap meets the requirements for HIPAA compliance and has been vetted by Hutch security staff. Email Ryan Merrill to request the REDCap IT Considerations document which should be helpful for IRB reviews and grant submissions.

Partnering with CDS

You can work with REDCap in a number of different ways, including:

  1. Have CDS' REDCap experts setup your project and design your data collection instruments. We can provide you with an estimate of the cost based on your needs.
  2. Have CDS create the project, but do all the design of the data collection instruments yourself. This option is good for smaller projects and those with tight budgets. We only charge you a nominal one-time project creation charge.
  3. Do most of the work yourself, but get CDS' expert assistance with the hard parts (e.g., randomization, complex calculations, mobile device support, automated feed from another system, or programming extensions). We are happy to custom fit a hybrid solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Getting Started 

We are happy to discuss your project's needs with you and get you up and running in REDCap quickly. To get started, you can either:

REDCap Training

CDS’ Ryan Merrill regularly teaches REDCap seminars in person and has also recorded his seminars for viewing at your desktop. More details can be found on the REDCap Training page.

REDCap Versions

See the REDCap Versions page for a history of the features added to REDCap.