REDCap Training

REDCap Seminars

UpdatedAll in-person seminars are cancelled until further notice, please check out the recorded seminars below.

  • RC 101: Introduction to RECap. This seminar is targeted at all users, providing a good overview of REDCap. If you are new to REDCap, then this class is a great starting place. It's also a good option for managers who are making decisions on whether or not to use REDCap in their group. This seminar is taught quarterly. 
  • REDCap Drilldown Series. This series of seminars (currently five; but they may expand) is targeted at users who will be designing or maintaining REDCap projects at Fred Hutch and SCCA. These classes currently cover the following topics:
    • RC 201: Creating Data Forms in REDCap
    • RC 202: Working with REDCap Surveys
    • RC 204: Beyond Forms in REDCap: Exploring reports, importing, exporting, security, data quality rules, and logs
    • RC 205: Collecting Data at Multiple Timepoints: events and repeating instruments
    • RC 302: Maintaining and Updating REDCap Projects
    • RC 303: What's New and Exciting in REDCap

Upcoming 2020 Q1/Q2 REDCap Seminars (all in M1-B406)

Number Title Date Time
RC101 Introduction to REDCap Cancelled Cancelled
RC201 Creating data forms in REDCap Cancelled Cancelled
RC202 Working with REDCap surveys, invites, participants Cancelled Cancelled
RC204 Exploring reports, importing, exporting, data quality rules, and logs Cancelled Cancelled
RC205 Collecting data in REDCap at multiple timepoints Cancelled Cancelled
RC302 Maintaing and updating REDCap projects Cancelled Cancelled
RC303 What's new and exciting in REDCap Cancelled Cancelled

View seminar dates, read detailed seminar descriptions, and signup for any of the seminars at either Fred Hutch staff link or SCCA staff link. If you are not part of Fred Hutch or SCCA, please email us at

REDCap Seminar Recordings & Slides

Paul Litwin has recorded videos of his most recent seminars. Each of these videos will be available for 6 months. After 6 months, the seminar will be re-recorded. This way, the video library will stay fresh and current. These videos are perfect for those who missed the seminar and can't wait for the next time it is taught. They are also great for reviewing what was taught by attendees.

For those seminars that have been recorded, you can view the video and view or download the slides. For those seminars not yet recorded, you can view or download only the slides:

More videos will be added as the seminars are taught and recorded.

Other Training Materials

Here you will find additional slides and documentation on REDCap topics produced by CDS.

Alternate Training Resources

  • Vanderbilt University has recorded some excellent tutorial videos. Unfortunately, many of the Vanderbilt videos are sadly out of date (some were recorded back in 2013). Then again, some of them are newer; you'll have to take your chances.  
  • The University of Washington's Institute of Translational Health Services, also offers instructor-led in-person training. View the ITHS REDCap curriculum
  • Amanda Miller at University of Colorado Denver has recorded a great and extensive set of tutorial videos as well.

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