REDCap Versions

The REDCap source code is actively updated and maintained by the REDCap Team at Vanderbilt University. This page details the features of the most recent versions of REDCap that have been installed at Fred Hutch by Collaborative Data Services (CDS).

Note that the most recent versions are on top! We have only included versions that are tested and installed at Fred Hutch (unless it says "coming soon").

Much of the text on this page has been derived (with permission) from the release notes for administrators created by Vanderbilt's Rob Taylor, as well as summarizations of those notes made by Rick Watts at the Women & Children's Health Research Institute at the University of Alberta. Thanks to Rob and Rick!

Version 10.8.3 (installed 02/20/2021)

  • Major Bug fix: When using advanced filter logic, the logic would not get interpreted correctly
  • Improvement: Custom ranges (min/max) for slider fields
  • New feature: New API “Export Logging” method
  • New feature: Ability to import/export user rights via a CSV file on the User Rights page

Version 10.7.1 (installed 01/23/2021)

  • New feature: New “:link” piping option for File Upload fields

Version 10.6.3 (installed 01/05/2021)

  • New feature: Field Bank - When adding new fields via the Online Designer, users will see an "Import from Field Bank" button, which will allow them to search different standardized catalogs of commonly used fields
  • New feature: @INLINE action tag - Allows a PDF file or image file (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP) that is uploaded to a File Upload field to be displayed in an inline manner on the survey page or data entry form so that the PDF/image can be viewed by the user or survey participant without having to download it.
  • New feature: New “:inline” piping option for File Upload fields
  • Improvement: Fields that have action tags will have those action tags listed below the field
  • Improvement: Field variables and Smart Variables can now be piped into the "src" attribute of HTML image tags ("img")
    New feature: New editor for conditional logic, branching logic, calculations, report filters, etc.
  • New feature: Auto-numbering of repeating instances for data imports - When performing a data import now for a repeating event/instrument, users may use the literal value “new” as the value for the “redcap_repeat_instance” field in their data import.
  • New feature: New survey option “Save a PDF of completed survey response to a File Upload field” - On the Survey Settings page in the Online Designer, users may select a File Upload field in the project where a static PDF file of a participant’s survey response will be stored immediately after they complete the survey.

Version 10.5.2 (installed 11/28/2020)

  • New action tag: @PREFILL - Sets a field's value to static text or dynamic/piped text whenever a data entry form or survey page is loaded, in which it will always overwrite an existing value of the field. The format must follow the pattern @PREFILL="????", in which the desired value should be inside single or double quotes. A field with @PREFILL will always be read-only, thus its value cannot be modified. NOTE: The only difference between @PREFILL and @DEFAULT is that @DEFAULT is only applied when an instrument has no data yet, whereas @PREFILL will always be applied on an instrument, meaning that @PREFILL will ALWAYS overwrite the value if a field value already exists. TIP: To pipe the value of one multiple choice field into another multiple choice field, make sure you append ':value' to the variable being piped - e.g., @PREFILL='[my_dropdown:value]'
  • New special functions: left(), right(), mid(), length(), find(), trim(), upper(), lower(), and concat(). These nine new functions can be specifically used when dealing with text values and may be especially useful when using them in conjunction with the @CALCTEXT action tag. To learn more and to see some practical examples of their usage, click the blue 'Special Functions' button in the Online Designer in any project
  • New action tag: @CALCDATE - Performs a date calculation by adding or subtracting a specified amount of time from a specified date or datetime field and then provides the result as a date or datetime value - e.g., @CALCDATE([visit_date], 7, 'd'). It is important to realize that a field with @CALCDATE will not be editable on the survey page or data entry form, and the field will function almost exactly like a normal calculated field, in which its value may get updated via a data import, when running Data Quality rule H, or in real-time during normal data entry on a form or survey.
  • New action tag: @CALCTEXT - Evaluates logic that is provided inside a @CALCTEXT() function and outputs the result as text, typically performed with an if(x,y,z) function - e.g., @CALCTEXT(if([gender]='1', 'male', 'female')). It is important to realize that a field with @CALCTEXT will not be editable on the survey page or data entry form, and the field will function almost exactly like a normal calculated field, in which its value may get updated via a data import, when running Data Quality rule H, or in real-time during normal data entry on a form or survey.
  • New feature: Data Access Group import/export and DAG-User assignment import/export
  • New feature: Data Quality Rule import/export
  • New feature: Added "Language of text to be spoken" for the "Text-To-Speech" survey functionality, which is available on the Survey Settings page.
  • New feature: Users may re-evaluate some or all Alerts & Notifications for all records in a project
  • Improvement: When deleting an invitation from the Survey Invitation Log, it now provides a new option in the dialog prompt to “Permanently cancel this invitation?”
  • Improvement: The Survey Invitation Log has a new filter drop-down option to view “only deleted invitations” (i.e., permanently cancelled invitations).
  • Improvement: Import Records API method has a new parameter “csvDelimiter” to specify the delimiter character when sending data in CSV format. Options include: comma ',' (default), 'tab', semi-colon ';', pipe '|', or caret '^'.
  • Improvement: Smart Variables and regular field variables can now be piped into the URL of Project Bookmarks.
  • New feature: Integration of Paul Litwin's Stealth Queue external module
  • New setting to ”Keep the Survey Queue hidden from participants?” in the “Set up Survey Queue” dialog on the Online Designer
  • New feature: SendGrid Email API Integration
  • As an alternative for sending outgoing emails from REDCap (rather than using the standard settings in PHP.INI to send them natively from the web server), you may use SendGrid, which is a third-party paid service (owned by Twilio) that can send emails on behalf of REDCap.
  • The option can be configured on the General Configuration page in the Control Center. You merely have to provide the API key for your SendGrid account, and it will begin using the SendGrid Web API to send *all* emails going out of REDCap.
  • New feature: Select and modify multiple fields together on the Online Designer - Users may select multiple fields on the Online Designer by holding the Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd key on their keyboard while clicking on the field in the table, which will reveal the options to Move, Copy, or Delete all the selected fields.
  • Improvement: Survey pages are now considered ADA Section 508 compliant
  • New feature: Field Embedding is the ultimate way to customize surveys and data collection instruments to make them look exactly how you want. Field Embedding is a Shazam-like feature that allows you to reposition field elements on a survey page or data entry form so that they get embedded in a new location on that same page. Embedding fields gives users greater control over the look and feel of your instrument. Users may place fields in a grid/table for a more compact user-friendly page, or they can position fields close together in a group if they are related.
  • New feature: This feature allows users to lock an entire record (as opposed to locking individual instruments) so that none of the record’s data can ever be modified unless someone with record-level locking/unlocking privileges goes and unlocks the record again
  • Improvement: When defining when the ASI/Alert should be sent, the option “Send after a lapse of time” has a new setting added so that, if desired, the user may set the time lapse relative to the value of a date or datetime field in the project
  • New feature: DAG Switcher - Users assigned to Data Access Groups (DAGs) can optionally be assigned to multiple *potential* DAGs, in which they may be given the privilege of switching in and out of specific DAGs on their own whenever they wish.

Version 9.8.2 (installed 04/09/2020)

  • Project life cycle changes
    • Archived status removed
    • Inactive status renamed to Analysis/Cleanup. This status now supports locked/read-only or editable.
    • New status: Completed.
  • New feature: Optional surveys to capture custom information during project status transition 
  • New feature: “View Project As...” feature for administrators so we can "see what you are seeing"

Version 9.7 (installed 02/28/2020)

Version 9.6 (installed 01/23/2020)

  • New feature: SMS and Voice Calls for Alerts & Notifications
  • New feature: A “Trigger Limit” setting was added to Alerts & Notifications

Version 9.5 (installed 01/23/2020)

  • New Action Tag: @HIDDEN-PDF 
  • Improvement: More rich text editors - The rich text editor is now available when composing survey invitations. 
  • Improvement: Improvements & changes when exporting data from REDCap into SAS - Full integration of the Missing Data Code functionality in the SAS data export syntax file to prevent issues when loading data containing Missing Data Codes into SAS.

For information on older versions of REDCap, see the REDCAP OLDER VERSIONS page.