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A Phase I Study of 90Y-BC8-DOTA monoclonal antibody, Fludarabine and TBI Followed by HLA-Matched, Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
Study Number: 2450.00
Phase: I

A Phase 1/2 Dose Escalation Safety and Pharmacokinetic Study of Multiple Intravenous Administrations of a Humanized Monoclonal antibody (SAR650984) Against CD38 in Patients with Selected CD38+ Hematological Malignancies
Study Number: 2724.00
Phase: I

A Phase Ib Multi-Cohort Trial of MK-3475 in Subjects with Hematologic Malignancies
Study Number: 9219
Phase: I/II

Phase 1 study of SGN-CD352A in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Study Number: 9736
Phase I

A Phase I Study of Adoptive Immunotherapy for Advanced B-cell Maturation Antigen (BCMA)+ Multiple Myeloma with Autologous CD4+ and CD8+ T cells Engineered to Express a BCMA-specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor
Study number: 9762
Phase : I

An Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 2 Study of CLR 131 in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory (R/R) Select B-Cell Malignancies
Study number: 9847
Phase: II