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Hsu Group


Welcome to the Hsu Group

My principal research areas have been in survival analysis, statistical genetics and genomics, and design and analysis of observational studies of cancer and other chronic diseases. These include methods development for absolute risk estimation and risk prediction using lifestyle, environmental, and genetic risk factors; multivariate survival analysis with biased sampling; genome-wide association and gene-environment interaction of common and rare variants; analysis of genomic instability; and integration of functional data into genetic association studies.

I have been involved in several large-scale population-based and family-based studies with a focus on genome-wide association and disease risk prediction using genetic and environmental risk factors, evaluation of risk prediction models in cohort studies, genetic regulation of gene expression and methylation, and tumor somatic mutations.

I am interested in electronic health record data and evaluating genetic, biomarker and environmental risk factors with various phenotypes, or observable traits, in real world settings. I am also interested in expanding my research into microbiome studies linking lifestyle risk factors with cancer risk and translate the findings from genetic epidemiological studies into clinical practice.