Biospecimen Logistics

Tissue samples

Our lab has handled tens of thousands of samples for our customers, preparing them for larger-scale assays, multiplexing, and/or shipping out for other services.  How can we help you get your science moving forward? We offer:

Custom Extractions

Our lab will isolate your DNA or RNA from multiple biological sources, including:

  • FFPE tissue (block cutting available through Experimental Histopathology)
    • Slides, cores, and/or curls
  • Fine needle aspirates
  • Frozen tissue
  • White blood cell separation (via magnetic beads), followed by extraction
  • Primary cells, including tissue culture

Whole blood DNA isolation is available through the Specimen Processing Lab

Custom Aliquoting

With our Tecan Freedom Evo robot, custom aliquoting with sample mapping is available, including:

  • Tubes to tubes (0.65ml to 5ml)
  • Tubes to plates (up to 384 well)

Custom Sample Prep

Our lab will take your DNA/RNA and prepare it for a variety of platforms available through Fred Hutch’s Genomics Shared Resource group, including:

  • 10x Genomics single cell
  • CE sequencing
  • DNA/RNA QC TapeStation
  • Fragment analysis
  • Microarrays
  • MiSeq/HiSeq
  • NanoString nCounter
  • NextGen sequencing