Our Assay Services

Researcher working with a microscope

Custom Genotyping/ Gene Expression Services

Our group specializes in small to mid-size marker panels, targeting candidate genes of interest (GOI) to known drug metabolizing pathways, using a variety of platforms. We also have experience interrogating DNA for copy number variation (CNV) and insertion/deletion (in/del) events.

Our RNA experience includes expression studies in intervention trials, looking at inflammation panels, as well as miRNAs, by qPCR and arrays.

Tumor Molecular Profiling

Analysis of genetic and epigenetic changes in lesional tissue has become critical to many epidemiological studies of cancer. Our group has experience sequencing KRAS/PIK3CA hotspot mutations, BRAF mutations by allelic discrimination and ASPE, and MSI panels. We also have an ongoing interest in epigenetics and miRNAs, specifically using qPCR for small methylation panels and miRNA expression in tumor tissue and plasma.

Through the Fred Hutch Genomics Shared Resource, we are also able to prepare your DNA/RNA for larger assays, such as Next Generation Sequencing, single cell sequencing, or RNA-Seq.

Molecular Assay Development and Testing

Our lab has collectively 35 years of experience in nucleic acid interrogation, let us put that knowledge to work for you.  Do you want comparison work of the latest technology against your gold standard?  Does your gene of interest not have a published and/or commercially available assay available?  Not sure which assay or platform will give you the data you need?  We can help, starting from your gene/disease of interest to delivering quality controlled data.  Here a list of present techniques and platforms available, including:

  • Allelic Discrimination
  • ASPE (allelic specific primer extension)
  • ATAC-Seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin)
  • CE sequencing (aka Sanger)
  • CIMP (CpG Island Methylator Phenotype)
  • CNV (Copy Number Variation)
  • Droplet digital PCR
  • Fragment Analysis
  • Real-time PCR
  • RNA expression, including miRNA