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Lighting Up Cancer | Doctor using scorpion venom as cancer treatment
News3LV | May 2017

Surgeons Using Scorpion Venom to Illuminate Brain Tumors
Healthline News | May 2017


How Scorpion Venom Is Helping Doctors Treat Cancer
Smithsonian | October 2016

Tumor Paint Brings Light to Toddler’s Brain Tumor
On the Pulse | September 2016 

Tumor Paint makes surgery safer for kids with cancer
KING 5 | September 2016

Strange breakthrough at Seattle Children’s is life-altering for young boy
KIRO Radio Host | September 2016

Fred Hutch doctor revolutionizing cancer treatment with 'Tumor Paint'
KIRO-TV | March 2016


How to light up a tumor
The Guardian | September 2015

Tumour Paint: the art of science
What a Year! | September 2015

Dye based on scorpion venom will light up brain cancer in kids 
Seattle Times | June 2015

Doctors test Tumor Paint in people
NPR | April 2015


One doctor makes the case For human trials
KUOW | September 2014

Jim Olson (Fred Hutch / UW / Seattle Children's Hospital) LSINW 2014 interview
WBBA-TV | July 2014

Scorpion venom, crowdfunding is the lifeblood of Project Violet's cancer research
My Northwest | July 2014

One doctor’s quest to save people by injecting them with scorpion venom
Wired | June 2014

Beating brain tumours with a scorpion sting paint
BBC | June 2014

Inventing Tumor Paint: Tapping into nature’s DNA
SXSW | March 2014

Next generation: Seeing brain tumors
The Scientist | Feburary 2014

Rosa Parks fifth grader wants to cure cancer – and be president
Redmond Reporter | January 2014


Blaze Bioscience Raises $9 million in Series B Financing
Business Wire | December 2013

Tumor paint startup Blaze Bioscience raises $9M to help surgeons pinpoint cancer cells
Geekwire | December 2013

Tumor Paint: Changing the way surgeons fight cancer
CNN | November 2013

Highlighting a cure: Escanaba native develops technology for cancer detection
Daily Press | November 2013

Local researchers turn to scorpions, spiders for cancer cures
KOMO | November 2013

Why painting tumors could make brain surgeons better
NPR | September 2013

Treating Kids' Cancer With Science And A Pocket Full Of Hope
NPR | September 2013

Tumor Paint May Make Brain Surgery Safer, More Effective
Healthline | September 2013

NPR Highlights Seattle’s Pediatric Cancer Innovator, Jim Olson
Xconomy | September 2013

Komo News - Local scientist wants you to pick the cure for cancer
KOMO | August 2013

Geek of the Week: Dr. Jim Olson’s ‘Project Violet’ is crowdfunding potential cures for cancer
Geekwire | August 2013

Hutch’s “Project Violet” Taps Crowd, Seeks $20M for Drug Discovery
Xconomy | August 2013

Project Violet: One Girl’s Legacy
Katy Bourne | August 2013

How Nature and a 9-Year Old Are Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment
TEDx Seattle | July 2013

"The Bite That Heals" Scientists are unlocking the medical potential of venom
National Geographic | February 2013

News from the Hutch

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Unlocking a new path for cystine-dense peptides
April 2018 

New technological platform opens unexplored world of tiny proteins
February 2018


Good News: Designing protein drugs for cancer: New method pinpoints a promising candidate
December 2017

New indication for Palbociclib
August 2017

Good News: CBS 'Sunday Morning' to feature Dr. Jim Olson's Tumor Paint research this weekend
July 2017

Childhood cancer survivor still inspires Fred Hutch researcher
January 2017


Fred Hutch holiday gala raises more than $13 million for pediatric cancer research
December 2016

‘Kids are not little adults’: the challenge of treating the youngest cancer patients
November 2016

The rooms that remain: Coping with grief after a child dies
October 2016

Inaugural 'Oncology Summit' addresses academic-industry partnerships
September 2016

New methods to design small, targeted proteins with shapes not found in nature
September 2016

'Climb to Fight Cancer' volunteers scale mountains to help fund Fred Hutch research
August 2016

Mom of Seahawks' Justin Britt teams up with grieving dad to learn about new research
July 2016

‘A crack in the door’: Glimpses of hope for the future of brain
March 2016


Toys to totems: Sacred artifacts keep lost loved ones close
October 2015

‘Turn it into something good’
August 2015

‘It’s your own drive that makes a difference’
July 2015

CIVO: drug development in the fast lane
June 2015

Good News at Fred Hutch
June 2015

Beau Biden's death highlights difficulty of treating brain cancers
June 2015

Study finds that microinjection platform enables assessment of multiple cancer drugs directly in tumors, predicts systemic response
April 2015


Tumor Paint approved for first U.S. trial
September 2014

Prestigious SXSW features Fred Hutch’s Dr. Jim Olson
March 2014

Seahawks' mascot cheers on kids with brain cancer
January 2014

Anjuli's gift: The tissue donation that sparked a program to find new tumor treatments
January 2014


New role for muscle gene as a tumor suppressor in brain cancer
November 2013

How a little girl with brain cancer inspired ‘citizen science’
August 2013

Sequestration: 'Wrong cuts at the wrong place at the wrong time'
April 2013

Researchers present ‘Science for Life’ every Thursday in February
February 2013