October 2022

Connor Finkbeiner joins the lab for his Fall rotation. Welcome, Connor!

September 2022

The lab is awarded an R35 grant!

Brennan finishes his summer internship with the lab. Thank you for your contributions, Brennan!

Dominik is awarded the Chen Hu Endowed Trainee Travel Fund Award. Congratulations, Dominik!

August 2022

Cailin Jordan joins the lab as the first graduate student. Welcome back, Cailin!

April 2022

Manuscript from an exciting collaboration with the Dana Pe'er lab now live - "SEACells: Inference of transcriptional and epigenomic cellular states from single-cell genomics data" bioRxiv (2022)

March 2022

Manuscript accepted for publication at Genome Biology! "CUT&Tag2for1: a modified method for simultaneous profiling of the accessible and silenced regulome in single cells."

Bhargav and Jacob complete their rotations - we enjoyed hosting their Winter rotations!

Vicky Xiang joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Vicky!

January 2022

We have been awarded a BBI Collaboration Grant with the Stanley Lee Lab for multiomic and regulatory profiling in MDS. 

Graduate students Bhargav Vemuri and Jacob Greene join the lab for their rotations. Brennan Dury joins as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome Bhargav, Jacob, and Brennan!

December 2021

Our collaboration with the Beronja Lab has been funded with a Human Biology pilot for multiomic profiling of HNSCC progression

The lab's first publication! Excited to collaborate with the Henikoff Lab - "Simultaneous CUT&Tag profiling of the accessible and silenced regulome in single cells." bioRxiv (2021)

Cailin and Jobelle complete their first rotations - we enjoyed hosting them for their rotations!

November 2021

Beronja and Setty labs are awarded a Human Biology Division Pilot Award for multiomic- profiling for HNSCC patients 

October 2021

MCB graduate students Jobelle Peralta and Cailin Jordan join the lab for their first lab rotations. Welcome Jobelle and Cailin!

July 2021

Aditya Argarwal joins the lab and will be working on a research project exploring graph representation of cell relationships. Welcome Adi!

June 2021

Christine Dien joins the lab as a Bioinformatics Analyst. Welcome Christine!
Elgene Quitevis joins the lab as a joint intern with the Singhvi Lab at Basic Sciences. Welcome Elgene!

May 2021 

Setty and Lee are awarded a TDS New Collaboration award to understand Myeloid Dysplasia Syndrome (MDS) trajectories using single-cell multiomics 

February 2021

Dominik Otto joins the lab as the first post-doctoral researcher. Welcome Dominik! 

January 2021 

The Setty Lab is officially open. Manu joins Basic Sciences Division and Translational Data Science IRC as an Assistant Professor. Keith Lowe joins as our research administrator.