For Researchers

SAN Services – How We Can Help You

Our goal is to make specimen acquisition fast and painless, so you can focus on the science.

We help navigate the process of specimen or data acquisition by connecting you to one or more partners in our network who can provide what you need – whether it be tissue, blood, other specimens, clinical or molecular data, etc. Our goal is to reduce the time you need to invest in searching out specimens, data and related information so you can focus on moving your research forward.

Our network coordinating center provides quality customer service and a streamlined, efficient method for identifying and requesting of specimens from our network of partners across the region. We do this by streamlining and increasing transparency around the administrative processes involved in the requesting specimens for research. We keep tabs on what is available where, to help direct you to the fastest option. 

Specimen Access and Request Facilitation

Our goal is to help you find the specimens you need to advance your research. We will help search across the region and connect you with the institution(s) who can provide the specimens needed for your research project. The coordinating center will facilitate a streamlined request and transfer using pre-approved material and data transfer agreements. We will also help answer questions about process or to think through what specimen modifications need to be requested to ensure your research question can be addressed​.

Umbrella Data/Material Transfer Agreement

Fred Hutch has engaged with several research organizations in the United States and Canada to develop an Umbrella Material and Data Transfer Agreement to standardize and expedite material and data transfers between researchers at signing institutions. To set up a new agreement for planned material and/or data transfers that include two or more of the below research organizations, please fill out the most applicable implementing letter in consultation with your organization’s technology transfer office.

Institutions that have signed the Umbrella Agreement:

  • BC Cancer
  • Benaroya Research Institute
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Oregon Health and Sciences University
  • Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Implementation Letters

*Please note that the implementation letters are currently being reviewed and approved by signatory instituitons and will be posted here once approved.

Guidance on Processes and Best Practices

We provide recommendations for researchers seeking advice related to specimen acquisition, associated data management, and downstream research uses. We will directly provide or point you toward standard operating procedures, best practices, and vetted process workflows. Our team will work with you and your team to set up data management strategies in alignment with your research goals and commonly used data schemas to support data sharing and interoperability.

Collaborations & Connections

The SAN Coordinating Center will also help you find potential collaborators, identified by areas of interest, expertise, or current research working with the same tissue or on the same problem. Just let us know of any collaborative interests you may have, or expertise that would be useful on your project team, and we will work to connect you.

Regulatory Guidance

We will direct you toward the appropriate regulatory bodies (ethics, clinical research guidelines, grants offices, etc.) relevant to your project and will provide guidance on applicable legal and regulatory resources and documentation. This includes providing you with verbiage on research-specific consents, IRB documentation, and material/data transfer agreements, alongside other common project templates.