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SAN is a multifunctional resource with a mission to help researchers and regional partners to remove barriers and work toward the goal of accelerating innovation in patient care. No matter where you are in the process, we can help you remove roadblocks and advance your science.  


Our goal is to make specimen acquisition fast and painless, so you can focus on the science.

To send a specimen request, use our Specimen Intake Form and email it to us at

Our Coordinating Center staff will reach out to our network partners to find the specimens that fit your needs. When a specimen source has been identified, we will provide you with information about the approximate cost, the timeline for receipt of specimens, and how to complete your request. We will provide templated material and data transfer documentation and consents to streamline the transfer process and address any questions you have along the way.


With research becoming more data-intensive, accessing datasets is a crucial part of most projects. We work with researchers, data sources and institutional business offices around understanding request workflows and share templates and verbiage for data agreements. Our Coordinating Center team will be happy to assist you with your data needs and work on required documentation and request processes.

Data management support

Our team can help with:

  • Best Practices and Process Workflows
  • Examples of data dictionaries
  • Decision-making framework for vendor selection
  • Implementation and user testing

Regulatory guidance

  • Answering IRB-related Questions
  • Providing verbiage for consent forms
  • Share sample documents

Research Connections

  • Collaborate on Grant opportunities
  • Connecting with an Expert for Advice

Umbrella Data/Material Transfer Agreement

Fred Hutch has engaged with several research organizations in the United States and Canada to develop an Umbrella Material and Data Transfer Agreement to standardize and expedite material and data transfers between researchers at signing institutions. To set up a new agreement for planned material and/or data transfers that include two or more of the below research organizations, please fill out the most applicable implementing letter in consultation with your organization’s technology transfer office.

Institutions that have signed the Umbrella Agreement:

  • BC Cancer
  • Benaroya Research Institute
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Oregon Health and Sciences University
  • Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

For more details, click the button below:

Implementation Letters