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Fred Hutch: Hutch researchers discover neutralizing antibodies to parainfluenza

Immune 22 Podcast: Engineering B cells

Fred Hutch: Antibodies a hot topic in COVID-19 research

PSBJ: Health care will change with tech

Fred Hutch: Science on the horizon

GeekWire: Year in Science: CRISPR enlisted for cures

Fred Hutch: Baiting for B cells: A clever new way to make an AIDS vaccine

Science in Seattle: Detection and Activation of HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Precursor B Cells Using Anti-Idiotypes

‘Community coming together’: Obliteride raises more than $2.5M for cancer research

Vanguard: Genetically engineered immune cells fight off deadly virus

Science and Life (Russia): Immune cells armed against difficult viruses

Reader's Digest: Protecting against RSV

Cosmos: CRISPR hope for vax-resistant disease treatment

Medical Xpress: Engineering B cells to express pathogen-specific antibodies to protect against infection

Fred Hutch: Engineering vaccine-like protection without a vaccine

The Scientist: CRISPRed B Cells Produce Antibodies Against Hard-to-Treat Viruses

Geekwire: Researchers use gene editing to make cells immune to HIV and other infections in Fred Hutch study

Science: Genetically engineered immune cells fight off deadly virus in mice

Fred Hutch: Growing a lab

STAT: CRISPR might work when vaccines fail

New Scientist: CRISPR could help us protect ourselves from viruses like flu and HIV

Firstpost: CRISPR gene editing could soon make us immune to influenza, HIV infection

Futurism: CRISPR could make you immune to the flu

Beckers Hospital Review: Why CRISPR may work when vaccines don't

Labome News: CRISPR could make us immune to flu

KC and the Battling B-cell: Childrens book featuring Dr. Justin Taylor

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