Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Research Group

Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Research Group

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Welcome to the Tobacco-Related Health Disparities (TREHD) Research Group. The primary focus of our research is improving treatment for tobacco-related health disparities groups — including people with mental health conditions and Veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) — by testing new treatment content (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and behavioral activation) and increasing treatment accessibility through high-reach delivery modalities of telephone, web and mobile.


Journal of Dual Diagnosis 2018

Heffner J.L., Watson, N.L., McClure, J.B., Anthenelli, R.M., Hohl, S., Bricker, J. "I smoke like this to suppress these issues that are flaws of my character": challenges and facilitators of cessation among smokers with bipolar disorder.

Addiction 2017

Bricker, J.B., Mull, K.E., McClure, J.B., Watson, N.L., Heffner, J.L. Improving the quit rates of web-delivered interventions for smoking cessation: Long term results from a full scale randomized trial.



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Lighting up can be a source of shame and treatment complications for cancer patients, but Fred Hutch researchers are here to help them quit.
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Fred Hutch psychologists Dr. Jonathan Bricker and Dr. Jaimee Heffner have turned to app development to create a hybrid of tech and science that can help people stay healthy.

New apps help people with addictions

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More apps being developed to help people overcome addiction issues as medical professionals try new ways to reach out to their patients.