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DNA sequencing

Fluorescent Imaging immunofluorescence of cancer cells growing in 2D


Our Research

The Adeyemi Lab at Fred Hutch is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of genome maintenance; how cellular DNA integrity is maintained in response to different types of cellular insults, how these processes are dysregulated during genetic diseases, infections, aging and cancer, and how such knowledge can potentially be exploited towards novel therapies.

Featured Publications

The Protexin complex counters resection on stalled forks to promote homologous recombination and crosslink repair
Adeyemi, R.O., Willis, N.A., Elia, A.E.H., Clairmont, C., Li, S., Wu, X., D’Andrea, A.D., Scully, R., and Elledge, S.J. Molecular Cell 2021

A deregulated HOX gene axis confers an epigenetic vulnerability in KRAS mutant lung cancers
Guerra, S.L., Maertens, O., Kuzmickas, R., de Raedt, T., Adeyemi, R.O., Guild, C.J., Guillemette, S., Redig, A.J., Chambers, E.S., Xu, M., Tiv, H., Santagata., S., Jänne, P.A., Elledge, S.J., and Cichowski, K. Cancer Cell 2020

Genetic Screens Reveal FEN1 and APEX2 as BRCA2 Synthetic Lethal Targets
Mengwasser, K.E., Adeyemi, R.O., Leng, Y., Choi, M.Y., Clairmont, C., D'Andrea, A.D., and Elledge, S.J. Molecular Cell 2019