Etzioni Lab

Etzioni Lab


Welcome to the Etzioni Lab: Modeling and Data Science for Population Studies

The Etzioni Lab focuses on innovative statistical and computer modeling to project the comparative outcomes of cancer control interventions. Our projects “go beyond the data” to develop a deeper, more mechanistic understanding of cancer progression which we use to quantify the relative benefits and harms of candidate interventions and policies.

Our work on cancer modeling is part of a broader research program that includes methodologic as well as applied research. A major area of methodologic interest is the estimation of lead time and overdiagnosis. Our group was the first to quantify the extent of overdiagnosis associated with prostate cancer screening in the US and we are also active in development of best practices for estimating overdiagnosis in breast cancer screening. Other methods work includes the development of Bayesian models and methods to study longitudinal biomarker trajectories and their associations with disease transitions in the pre- and post-diagnosis settings. We are using these these methods to study disease progression following PSA recurrence as well as in the active surveillance setting.

In addition to these projects, the Etzioni Lab leads the Biostatistics Core for the Pacific Northwest Prostate Cancer SPORE and serves as a central consulting resource for the prostate cancer investigators at Fred Hutch, the SCCA, and the University of Washington. Our investigators are statisticians with broad expertise in data analysis, simulation modeling, Bayesian methods, statistical programming, and advanced graphics.