New Gulati Editorial

Roman Gulati wrote an editorial for the New England Journal of Medicine on the GÖTEBORG-2 trial. 

Stat News: Etzioni comments on NEJM colorectal screening paper

Story here

Dr. Ruth Etzioni receives Outstanding Investigator Award

The seven-year,  $7.4M Outstanding Investigator Award (OIA) from the National Cancer Institute will will provide long-term support for Ruth's work to investigate accuracy of multi-cancer liquid biopsies and other new technology. Details here

Roman Gulati celebrates 17 years with the Etzioni Lab

A biostatistician, a disease modeler, a cancer epidemiologist, a computer programmer, a policy researcher, and now a Lab Elder. Congratulations and thanks, Roman! Your contributions cannot be overstated.

New Go-to Estimate for Overdiagnosis of Breast Cancer Screening in US

A study my colleagues and I published March 1 in the Annals of Internal Medicine offers a new estimate of the extent of overdiagnosis in contemporary U.S. practice and concludes that it might not be as frequent as we thought.

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