FHIND Gathering

Novel Diagnostics and Precision Oncology at Fred Hutch:
A Gathering of Fred Hutch Investigators in Novel Diagnostics

Friday, February 24, 2023
1-4 p.m. PST, reception to follow
Arnold Building, Fred Hutch Campus, M1-A305/A307


1:00-2:20 Scope of Contemporary Diagnostics Research
These talks should be somewhat tutorial- like for a broad audience and designed to showcase potential (bud) and obstacles (thorn) to their successful evolution at Fred Hutch while also showcasing collaborative opportunities and value for precision oncology

1:00-1:20: Delphine Chen "Nuclear medicine molecular imaging: from diagnostics to therapy"

1:20-1:40: Cecilia Yeung "Biomarker and mutation profiling of cancers with cross correlation of clinical and pathology data"

1:40-2:00: Michael Haffner "Unlocking the potential of digital pathology for precision oncology"

2:00-2:20: Jeff Leek "Development of a linked genomics-clinical informatics data resource to enable data-driven discovery at Fred Hutch"

2:20-2:45: Discussion

2:45-3:3:45 Enabling us to develop the tools and resources we need now

2:45-3:05: William Grady "Novel early detection and risk prediction markers for GI oncology"

3:05-3:25: Kikkeri Naresh "Enabling precision lymphoma research and practice in Washington state"

3:25-3:45: Gavin Ha "Liquid biopsy-based biomarker R & D at Fred Hutch: the story of Griffin"

3:45-4:00: Discussion

4:00-4:30: Reception