Welcome to the Kratz Lab at Fred Hutch

Discovering links between diet, obesity, and chronic disease risk

In the Kratz Lab, we are interested in the relationship between diet, obesity, and chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity-associated types of cancer. To improve our understanding of these relationships, we conduct translational and clinical studies in healthy men and women, or individuals suffering from specific conditions. 

Current projects in the Kratz Lab include a randomized controlled feeding trial investigating the effect of the types and amounts of dairy products consumed on glucose tolerance and its determinants, and a randomized trial comparing the impact of different diets on low-grade chronic adipose tissue inflammation and its downstream sequelae. We are also involved in a translational research project that aims to improve our understanding of the role of macrophages in the etiology of adipose tissue inflammation and insulin resistance. For more information on current and past studies, please check out the ‘research projects’ tab.

Interested in joining the Kratz Lab as an undergraduate student, graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow?

We welcome applications from motivated individuals with an interest in bringing creative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of nutrition. Please contact us at: mkratz@fredhutch.org with a statement of your research interests and CV. Graduate students working with us towards a Master’s or Ph.D. degree will need to be enrolled into a graduate program the University of Washington, such as Epidemiology or Nutritional Science.