The Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit, led by Principal Investigator Julie McElrath, is one of the 12 U.S. clinical trials units within the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN). This network is funded to conduct phase I, II, and III clinical trials designed to test the safety and efficacy of HIV vaccines, and has also conducted observational and cohort studies for other infectious diseases such coronavirus. Located on Capitol Hill, the VTU is a joint research program between Fred Hutch and the University of Washington.

Since 1987, the Seattle VTU has worked with local community members who are interested in participating in HIV vaccine clinical trials and has provided HIV education to the local community. As a part of the HVTN, the Seattle VTU is also involved in the design of the clinical protocols for the HIV vaccine trials. More recently, the Seattle VTU expanded its scope and also enrolls volunteers in studies of malaria and rhinovirus vaccines.

As a clinical trial site, the VTU is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and enrollment of local volunteers, immunization and clinical monitoring of the clinical trial participants, and manages follow-up care for trial participants.

Photos from the VTU Clinic

VTU gathering
VTU staff
VTU researcher
VTU staff
VTU group photo