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Meshinchi Lab Stories

From Omaha to a Seattle lab, with 2 side trips to hell: Childhood AML survivor interns with the scientist who sequenced her genome
Hutch News - July 2019

Pediatric acute myeloid leukemia targeted therapies come of age
Hutch News - February 2018

Big data in cancer research: New study in childhood leukemia illustrates challenges and power of cutting-edge genomic technologies’ huge data sets
Hutch News - December 2017

‘Remarkable’ distinctions in pediatric leukemia point toward improved treatment: Big new study in pediatric and young adult acute myeloid leukemia warns against ‘trickle-down therapeutics’
Hutch News - December 2017

Unique set of tissue samples ‘ready to teach’ lessons about pediatric leukemia: Hutch-based repository leads to lifesaving treatments for young cancer patient
Hutch News - August 2017

Bringing a leukemia treatment back to life with precision medicine: New research writes latest chapter in one drug's story
Hutch News - June 2017

The quest to better understand the deadliest childhood leukemia: Oncologists are beginning to leverage unique genomic characteristics of pediatric AML to improve treatment and prognosis
Hutch News - December 2016

Fred Hutch Holiday Gala brings in more than $13 million to grow pediatric cancer research and develop needed therapies for children
Hutch News - December 2016

'Kids are not little adults': Why children with cancer need their own drugs and their own research
Hutch News - November 2016

No stone unturned: rare mutation in CSF3R may inform therapy
Hutch News - December 2015

Pediatric core binding factor AML under the molecular lens
Hutch News - November 2015

An unpredicted predictor of outcome in pediatric AML
Hutch News - May 2015

The FedEx factor: How handling and storage of patient blood samples can impact cancer research: New study reveals how a seemingly major leukemia discovery turned scientific cautionary tale about how standard blood collection can alter results
Hutch News - November 2014

Linking clinical outcomes in AML with the cellular origins of mutations
Hutch News - May 2014

Diminished microRNA plays big role in myeloid leukemias
Hutch News - November 2013

Pediatric AML prognosis with high WT1 expression depends on SNP presence
Hutch News - October 2013

Identification and prognostic significance of novel IRF8 transcripts in AML
Hutch News - October 2013

Better detection of residual disease and prediction of AML relapse
Hutch News - July 2012

High CD33 levels on pediatric leukemic blasts predicts poor outcome
Hutch News - April 2012

Grounded in the care of kids with AML: Lessons from his lab and pediatric patients fuel Meshinchi's drive to develop therapies, improve leukemia cure rates
Hutch News - June 2005

A second chance for children with leukemia: New Clinical Research Division study finds second transplants can improve odds for some with relapsed AML
Hutch News - January 2004

The subtleties of DNA-based detection: Test detects one mutant cell among 10,000 to 1 million, yielding better-tailored therapies, early relapse clues for AML patients
Hutch News - December 2001

Good News: Other Award Announcements

Good News: first Hutch United fellowships awarded; Dr. Soheil Meshinchi receives $500K AML grant
Hutch News - July 2016

Dr. Lily Selim receives inaugural CTI BioPharma International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Pediatric hematologist/oncologist studies new ways to detect and manage early leukemia relapse in children
Hutch News - April 2016

Drs. Marie Bleakley and Soheil Meshinchi receive $1M Quantum Award Grant from Hyundai Hope on Wheels
Hutch News - March 2016

Dr. Soheil Meshinchi receives $250K from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Hutch News March 2016

Drs. Soheil Meshinchi and Heather Schuback receive St. Baldrick's grants
Hutch News - September 2015

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Drs. Eric Chow and Phoenix Ho receive grants totaling more than $1.5 million from St. Baldrick's Foundation
Hutch News - September 2012

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Heather Helton, Clinical Research Division fellow, honored by American Society of Hematology for pediatric AML research
Hutch News - December 2012