Molecular Oncology

Molecular Oncology

Zaneta Holman working in the Molecular Oncology lab with specimens.

About Us

The Molecular Oncology lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a CLIA-certified clinical lab, under the directorship of Drs. Jerald Radich & Cecilia Yeung. CLIA licensure allows us to expand our breadth of testing offered to the Hutch community as well outside collaborators. The high degree of quality control and compliance that is required of a CLIA lab, combined with our flexibility and innovation, makes the Molecular Oncology lab invaluable for clinical research, drug trials and practicing physicians. We enjoy collaborating with all types of research and clinical organizations and welcome any inquiries for testing.

Our Services

  • Robust lab information management system for sample intake, management and chain of custody
  • Proven sample processing procedures for high quality RNA and DNA
  • Fully validated molecular test menu, including rtPCR, qPCR and Sanger sequencing
  • Rapid turnaround times for immediate diagnostic, prognostic and treatment decisions
  • Thorough optimization and validation of new and novel biomarkers
  • Internationally recognized physicians in molecular pathology and hematopathology