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Getting to the heart of complex cancer mutations

Science Spotlight | Y Lim | June 18, 2018 
The Clurman Lab, with collaborators from the Hutch, across the Pacific Northwest and abroad, theorized that pertinent biological insights into oncogenic mutations may be obtained via gene expression signatures that can predict the mutational status of a tumor for a specific gene in different tumor types.

Machine learning provides new insights into tumor suppression

Hutch News | Susan Keown | May 7, 2018
Algorithm illuminated surprising metabolic effects of important cancer gene.


5 researchers receive awards to explore immunotherapy single-cell RNA sequencing

Center News | Kristen Woodward | March 31, 2017
Awardees invited to compete for pilot funding in Immunotherapy Integrated Research Center grant competition.

B56-PP2A takes the cycle out of cyclin E

Science Spotlight | J Herman | March 20, 2017
Ryan Davis, a graduate student in the Clurman Lab, recently found that the phosphatase PP2A-B56 plays a role in extending the lifetime of the S-phase associated cyclin E.


Dr. Bruce Clurman named executive vice president and deputy director

Center News | Rachel Tompa | October 18, 2016
Physician-scientist will focus on team science, interdisciplinary collaboration in pursuit of new cures.


p27 shows its dark side in breast cancer

Science Spotlight | A Neves | March 16, 2015
A recent Fred Hutch study led by Research Associate Dr. Hui Zhao in the lab of Dr. Jim Roberts (Basic Sciences Division), in collaboration with the lab of Dr. Bruce Clurman, (Human Biology and Clinical Research Divisions) and published in Oncotarget, sought to investigate the role of p27 in human breast cancer.


Kinase left unchecked riddles DNA replication, decreases genomic stability

Science Spotlight | GMR Deyter | July 15, 2013
In a new manuscript published by the Clurman Lab in the Human Biology Division, lead author and postdoctoral fellow Dr. Bridget Hughes and colleagues deciphered the role that tight control of Cdk2 activity plays on cell cycle events.


Mouse model of advanced stage colorectal cancer is created by Clurman Lab

Science Spotlight | JR Schoenborn | May 21, 2012
Drs. Jonathan Grim and Bruce Clurman and their colleagues in the Clinical Research Division have developed and characterized a new mouse model that recapitulates the key aspects of advanced stage disease.


W.M. Keck Foundation gives $1.5 million boost to cancer genomics research at the Hutchinson Center

Hutch News 
Center's second major grant from the philanthropic foundation in recent weeks.