A human-specific motif facilitates CARD8 inflammasome activation after HIV-1 infection
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A Passport to Cross-species Transmission
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No ‘black diamond’ ski slopes for the TRIM5α antiviral protein
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A3C tandem domain proteins have increased anti-HIV-1 activity and are resistant to antagonism by HIV-1 Vif
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Emerman lab granted Avant-Garde Award for HIV/AIDS and Substance Use Disorder Research (DP1)
April 1, 2020

Tracing the structural changes that helped HIV-1 become a human pathogen
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Dr. Michael Emerman to give Bernard Fields lecture at CROI
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Age-old arms race points way to new-and-improved antiviral protein
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Dr. Harmit Malik elected fellow of American Academy of Microbiology
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A new technology to screen for HIV-specific restriction factors
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Good News: HIV researcher Dr. Michael Emerman awarded KT Jeang Retrovirology Prize
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Good News: Drs. Michael Emerman and Nina Salama elected to Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology
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Michael Emerman wins McDougall mentorship award
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