Lab Photos

Lab picnic
Stephanie, Avi and Adam at the 2019 Hutch annual picnic
Pumpkin carving
2019 pumpkin carving contest 
Geballe Lab party
Annabel, Stephanie, Joselyn, Adam and Avi celebrate Joselyn finishing her rotation
People fishing
Illana, Craig and Adam caught the limit!
Lab members
Reunion of former lab members at a herpesvirus workshop: Mark, Adam, Katie, Craig Bierle, and Bonita
Vancouver, B.C.
Avi at the herpesvirus workshop in Vancouver B.C.
Halloween time
Sarah explains her experiment to a confused PI
Lab members
Jaki, Adam , Katie R, Greg, Stephanie , and Elad Eliahoo
Greg in the lab
Greg did a little vaccinia virus titering
People at dinner
Jaki and Alistair at a lab dinner
Woman and trophy
Katie won the inaugural Human Biology Division Galloway award
African green monkey, Tanzania