Join the Lab

We are always looking for motivated, passionate, dynamic, fun and hard-working individuals to join the lab. If interested, please contact Dr. Ghajar directly. We currently have positions open for:

Graduate Students


Postdoctoral Fellows

Generally interested in tumor dormancy + metastasis. You are welcome to propose a project that aligns with your specific interests and background. Or, we can discuss any of the following ongoing interests of the lab's: 

a. Determining how vascular heterogeneity of bone marrow impacts response to therapy within bone marrow microenvironments.

b. Unraveling the signaling that links DNA damage in vascular endothelium to a chemoprotective secretome that protects DTCs from therapy, and formulating therapeutic regimens that account for these evolving interactions between DTCs and the vascular niche. 

c. Developing and applying novel technologies to profile DTCs and their microenvironments in architecturally intact tissue (human + mouse) (see: 

d. Identifying metabolic vulnerabilities of DTCs 

e. Porfiling human DTCs and identifying strategies to enhance their immunosurveillance through endogenous or engineered mechanisms. 

f. Revealing molecular mechanisms underlying the "anti-metastatic" nature of specific tissues like skeletal muscle, spleen and thyroid.