Join the Lab

We are always looking for motivated, passionate, dynamic, fun and hard-working individuals to join the lab. If interested, please contact Dr. Ghajar directly. We currently have positions open for:

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in 2021-2022 rotations. Potential projects include:

a. Identifying determinants of vascular heterogeneity within the brain or bone marrow, and study how these affect DTC dormancy and therapeutic resistance within specific regions of these tissues;

b. Unraveling the signaling that links DNA damage in vascular endothelium to a chemoprotective secretome that protects DTCs from therapy.

Postdoctoral Fellows

With a specific interest in:

a. Any of the above (a-b), or

c. Developing novel technologies to profile DTCs and their microenvironments in architecturally intact tissue (human + mouse)

d. Identifying metabolic vulnerabilities of DTCs (see:

e. Optimizing CAR T cell based approaches to target DTCs based on combinations of cell surface antigens (see: