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Selected Publications


Hadland B, Varnum-Finney B, Dozono S, Dignum T, Nourigat-McKay C, Jackson D, Itkin T, Butler J, Rafii S, Trapnell C, Bernstein ID. Engineering a niche supporting hematopoietic stem cell development using integrated single cell transcriptomics. Nature Communications, 2022.


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Choi YJ, Heck AM, Hayes BJ, Rayner SG, Lih D, Hadland B, Zheng Y. WNT5A from the fetal liver vascular niche supports human fetal liver hematopoiesis. Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2021. 


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Le QH, Hadland B, Meshinchi S, Bernstein ID. Notch blockade overcomes endothelial cell-mediated resistance of FLT3/ITD-positive AML progenitors to AC220 treatment.  Leukemia, 2020.


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