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Missegregating chromosome anaphase

Our Research

Welcome to the Hatch Lab. Our lab studies the organization and dynamics of the nuclear envelope to understand how changes in this structure cause human genetic diseases and drive cancer development. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms and consequences of nuclear membrane rupture and repair in human cells, which has been associated with massive genome instability, inflammation, and increased metastasis, suggesting that it could underlie a wide range of disease pathologies. 

Lab News

October 2023

Maya Contreras joins the lab as a research technician. Welcome Maya!

We say goodbye to our fantastic scientist and team leader Amanda. We wish her all the best in her new position and thank her for all her support above and beyond her awesome science work over the past years.

August 2023

We say goodbye to Artem who will starting as a graduate student in the UW MCB program. Good luck in graduate school, we will miss you! 

June 2023

We say goodbye to Lucian and look forward to seeing what awesome science he does next.

May 2023

Amanda and Artem’s paper is submitted to bioRxiv. Super proud to see all your hard work and innovative problem solving coming together in this paper about making and applying an awesome new tool to analyze rupture frequency.

Lucian successfully defends his thesis, congrats Dr. DiPeso!

Lucian’s paper is submitted to bioRxiv. Fantastic collaboration with the Fowler lab at UW and hopefully the start of many more years of discoveries.

December 2022

And we’re back at ASCB! Super excited to be here in person this year and great work Artem and Molly on your poster presentations!