Caroline Langley


Caroline was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She went to college at the University of Georgia where she worked in the lab of Dr. Scott Pegan doing structural biology of innate immune signaling proteins. She completed a B.S./M.S. program in the Pegan lab at UGA before coming to Seattle for the Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program. After moving to Seattle, Caroline wanted to redirect her studies towards more evolution and molecular virology based questions. Therefore, she joined the lab of Michael Emerman and is comentored by Harmit to study virus-host protein interactions through an evolutionary lens. Right now, Caroline is studying the evolutionary origins of the antiviral protein Mx as well as designing a deep mutational scanning library of the HIV protein Vif. 

Outside of lab, Caroline loves to spend time outdoors running, biking, or hiking. She also loves to hangout with her dog and watch movies or play trivia at a local brewery.