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Recording from the first session of the gene therapy for HIV cure webinar series. This session offers a review of the basics about gene therapy by Dr. Jennifer Adair.
Global Outreach Session on Challenges and Status in Development of Gene Therapies in Low- and Middle-income Countries (LMICs) at the 2021 Annual Meet5ing of the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy
Dr. Jen Adair explains what gene editing is, why it is currently so popular both out in the world and in research being done in the Adair Lab at Fred Hutch, as well as important things to think about regarding the ethics of editing genes in human (or bacteria, or plant, or animal) DNA. Recorded January 2020.
A debate between Dr. Sharon Lewin and Dr. John Frator, moderated by patient advocated Damian Kelly, discussing the merits and challenges of two likely HIV cure research avenues. defeatHIV, AIDS 2020 Virtual
Overview of how gene therapy may offer a potential way to fight symptoms of blood disorders, such as Sickle cell disease, beta thalassemia, and Fanconi anemia. ASGCT, 2019
Dr. Jennifer Adair looks into the ethical dilemmas surrounding gene editing in a talk at the GeekWire Summit Health Tech Track. GeekWire, 2019
To make gene therapy accessible and affordable worldwide, Dr. Jen Adair developed a mobile “gene therapy in a box” technique by combining commercially available technologies with practical molecular and cell biology approaches and then proved the method can be delivered in resource-constrained clinics. TEDxNashvilleSalon, 2017
In an educational webinar, Dr. Jen Adair at Fred Hutch talks about her research into a portable machine-- 'gene therapy in a box'-- that could make future cancer & HIV cures affordable in developing countries. defeatHIV, 2017
Dr. Jen Adair speaks during the Science for Life community event at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center on March 9, 2016. Adair describes how gene therapy is being used to treat diseases. Fred Hutch, 2016
GreenRubino launched a new integrated awareness campaign for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, featuring the intensely driven, talented, and dedicated scientists behind cancer research. GreenRubino, 2013

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Eight Fred Hutch teams win Evergreen Fund awards
-Fred Hutch News Service - December 2022


Essential workers illustrate the Heart of the Hutch
Fred Hutch News Service - May 2021


Jennifer E. Adair, PhD Author at Timmerman Report 
Timmerman Report - October 2020

Dr. Jennifer Adair receives Fleischauer Family Endowed Chair in Gene Therapy Translation
Fred Hutch News - February 2020

Five Questions With Jennifer Adair
Washington State Magazine - 2020


Could gold be the key to making gene therapy for HIV, blood disorders more accessible?
EurekAlert! -  May 2019

Fred Hutch has a golden idea for gene editing
Puget Sound Business Journal - September 2019


Dr. Jen Adair honored for STEM workshop
Fred Hutch News - July 2018


This Lab-in-a-Box Could Make Gene Therapy Less Elitist 
MIT Tech Review - 2017


A Semi-Automated Benchtop System to Produce Genetically Modified Stem Cells: Interview with Professor Jennifer Adair
medGaget - 2016

'Gene therapy in a box' could allow point-of-care cell transduction
Bioworld Today - 2016

Newly-developed ‘gene therapy in a box’ could save millions of lives
Geekwire - 2016

Point-of-Care Gene Therapy Is Out of the Box
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News - 2016

Gene therapy goes global: Portable device could make future cancer, HIV cures affordable
Hutch News - 2016

Fred Hutch Team Wants To Move Clean-Room Gene Therapy To Tabletop - 2016

“Gene Therapy in a Box” Featuring Dr. Jen Adair
The Stem Cell Podcast- 2016


'Can't sit and wait': Gene therapy trial aims to cure rare fanconi anemia
Hutch News - 2015

Jennifer Adair, Ph.D. recognized as 'Outstanding new Investigator'
ASCO Post - 2015


Breakthrough treatment boosts survival in battle with deadly brain tumor
Hutch News - 2014

Gene Therapy boosts chemotherapy tolerance and effectiveness of medications that attack brain cancer
Hutch News- 2014


Stem cell shield could 'protect cancer patients' 
BBC - 2012

Stem Cells boost brain tumor treatments for some patients, study finds
CBS - 2012