Bedalov Lab

Bedalov Lab

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Our Research

Welcome to the Bedalov Lab. We research how chromatin modifications shape nuclear events including replication and transcriptional silencing, and their consequences on aging, carcinogenesis, and development. We are also interested in chromatin as a therapeutic target in cancer and other diseases that exhibit chromatin dysregulation.

Recent News

MECP2 paper featured on GeekWire

Our PNAS paper about a screen for reactivating MECP2 as a potential therapeutic was featured on tech news site GeekWire.

MECP2 paper featured on Hutch News

front page story on Fred Hutch's website highlighted our paper about Rett syndrome targets identified in a screen for reactivating MECP2 on the inactive X-chromosome.

Two PNAS papers to start 2017

We've published two papers in PNAS to kick off 2017. Visit our Publications page to learn more. PDFs of these papers can be downloaded here.