Blanco-Melo Lab

Blanco-Melo Lab

Digitally-colorized TEM images from CDC-PHIL.

Digitally-colorized TEM images from CDC-PHIL. Credits: Frederick Murphy, Cynthia Goldsmith, A. Harrison, P. Feorino, A. Balsh, Charles Humphrey & NIAID

Our Research

The Blanco-Melo Lab at Fred Hutch studies the strategies that animal hosts have deployed throughout evolution to combat viral infections. Through the combination of molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics, we seek to characterize modern and ancient viral infections, understand the evolution of our antiviral immune response, and enable the design of broadly acting therapeutics against current and emerging viral threats.

Lab News

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Modulation of IAV NS1 expression reveals prioritization of host response antagonism. Now published in Frontiers Microbiology

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Halloween 2023. Catherine Gohar and Miguel A. Navarro joined our group as a rotation student and visiting scientist, respectively.

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Daniel has been named a 2023 Searle Scholar by the Kinship Foundation. Check the full list of 2023 Searle Scholars and read the interview here.

In this lab we believe



We believe that the scientific endeavor is enriched by the inclusion of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions. However, those underrepresented in science still face many challenges that could discourage them from achieving their goals. Therefore, we are committed to build a supportive environment of trust, inclusion and belonging where people can flourish, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or physical ability. 

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