Digitally-colorized TEM image from CDC-PHIL.

Digitally-colorized TEM image from CDC-PHIL.

Bryon Skinner

It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work to thrive in the challenging but rewarding journey of becoming a scientist. Nowadays, there are many challenges that postdocs and students face that could impact their performance and mental well-being: a complex and competitive job market, challenges in transitioning to non-academic career paths, raising a family while pursuing an academic career, immigration challenges for international scientists, and feelings of alienation and detachment for those underrepresented in science. With this in mind, I truly believe that growth and success happen in a climate where everyone no matter where they come from, where they went to school, or how they look, feels supported in achieving their goals.

As a mentor, I seek to create a creative and stimulating research environment that promotes scientific excellence, and in which trainees at all stages will develop the necessary technical and professional skills to accomplish their specific goals. To achieve this, I commit to :

  • Work together and identify the best way to inspire each person to do their best science while supporting their individual needs. 
  • Create an open environment where being part of a team also means feeling safe to give constructive feedback to improve each other and the team. 
  • Encourage and support trainees to pursue independent funding and awards.
  • Encourage mental health and personal well-being. 

Additionally, as a Latino scientist, I personally believe that the scientific endeavor is enriched by the inclusion of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions. Therefore, I will promote an environment of respect and inclusiveness, without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or physical ability.

Daniel Blanco-Melo