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Kublin Lab posing happily at a lab meeting.
Kublin Lab posing happily at a lab meeting. Credit: Fred Hutch

Graduate Students

The Kublin lab in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division of Fred Hutch seeks an enthusiastic, organized, and independent graduate student who is interested in developing classical and/or computational microbiology skills. Our lab studies the role of the microbiome in vaccine responses, with an emphasis on how specific microbes and their metabolites modulate host innate and adaptive immune responses. Our work includes developing discrete microbial consortia to manipulate vaccine responses in gnotobiotic mouse models, as well as investigating microbiome and immunogenicity data from HIV, malaria, and TB clinical trials. We are a new lab, looking for creative graduate students who are interested in these or related areas. We will provide opportunities for training in microbiology and immunology techniques, as well computational methods. While prior experience in microbiology, programming, or mouse work is desirable, it is not necessary. If interested, please contact Dr. Jim Kublin at

Postdoctoral Fellows

The Kublin lab is also happy to hear from candidates interested in a postdoctoral fellowship, preferably with experience in computational metagenomics and metabolomics or microbial metabolism.