Dr. Jim Kublin speaking with other researchers at event
Dr. Jim Kublin at the opening party of the Cape Town lab Credit: Fred Hutch

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Enlisting the microbiome in the quest for an AIDS vaccine

Hutch News | Sabin Russell | Nov. 22, 2017
We now know that microbial communities, especially in our guts, profoundly affect immune response

GMO malaria saves the day

Science Spotlight | BL DeBuysscher | Feb. 20, 2017
In work featured on the cover of Science Translational Medicine Dr. James Kublin (Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division) and colleges from University of Washington and Seattle Biomedical Research Institutes used genetic engineering to create a new genetically attenuated parasite (GAP) vaccine candidate. 

On the path to a new-generation malaria vaccine

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Jan. 4, 2017
New approach using genetically modified parasite ‘primes the immune system’ in first human trial


Five new things about the bugs inside you

Hutch Magazine | Sabin Russell | Nov. 21, 2016
A sample of key scientific discoveries about the bugs inside you

'Roz and Ray': An HIV tragedy with lessons for today

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Nov. 3, 2016
Seattle Repertory drama, panel explore fallout from an early AIDS crisis in hemophiliacs.

Good News: Dr. David Maloney named cellular immunotherapy medical director at Fred Hutch, SCCA; Dr. Jim Kublin gets grant to study how gut bugs alter HIV vaccine response

Hutch News | Sabin Russell | Oct. 13, 2016
Dr. Jim Kublin receives 5-year grant to study how gut bugs alter HIV vaccine response.

Getting malaria on purpose

Hutch News | Mary Engel | April 25, 2016 
Volunteers roll up their sleeves and get infected to test an experimental drug.

Zika virus: 6 key things we don’t yet know

Hutch News | Rachel Tompa | Feb. 2, 2016
From lack of data to inconclusive blood tests to the unique challenges of pregnancy, experts weigh in on the knowledge gaps in this emerging infection.


Charlie Sheen’s announcement reveals ‘ugly ogre underneath’ public awareness of HIV

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Nov. 17, 2015
Reactions underscore disease’s lingering stigma.

Fantastic failures: Scientific setbacks can fuel big gains

Hutch News | Bill Briggs | Aug. 18, 2015
Whether solving the mysteries of outer space or cancer cells, many major advances followed messy moments.

Gut microbiome may have interfered with experimental HIV vaccines

Hutch News | Rachel Tompa | July 30, 2015
Inoculating infants instead of adults could bypass problem, researchers say.


Finding a better way to take a bite out of malaria’s power

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Sept. 10, 2014
Fred Hutch and collaborators launch new trials to infect – and quickly treat – volunteers to test experimental drugs.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle BioMed team up on malaria clinical trials

Hutch News | Sept. 9, 2014
Studies to test drugs that may be useful for malaria treatment and prevention.

‘Angels in America’ cast visits Fred Hutch, learns about early days of AIDS

Hutch News | Mary Engel | July 8, 2014
Angels in America’ cast visits Fred Hutch to hear about the early days of AIDS from those who were there

Intiman Theatre and Fred Hutch announce innovative partnership to raise awareness of HIV vaccine research during ‘Angels in America’

Hutch News | July 8, 2014
The Tony Award-winning Intiman Theatre has partnered with world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to raise awareness of Fred Hutch’s HIV vaccine research.

Researcher profile: Renaissance man
Researcher profile (abridged): Renaissance man

Hutch Magazine | Mary Engel | June 11, 2014
Dr. Jim Kublin brings epic life lessons to the quest to develop an HIV vaccine


'Never give up': Researchers' tireless quest for HIV vaccines leads to Cape Town

Hutch News | Deborah Bach | Oct. 21, 2013
HIV Vaccine Trials Network opens South African lab as it gears up to launch


HIV Vaccine Awareness Day May 18

Hutch News | May 17, 2012
Center's HIV Vaccine Trials Network and HIV research unit mark annual observance


HIV Vaccine Trials Network relaunches publication

Hutch News | Sept. 12, 2011
Newsletter highlights clinical trial research, protocols in the field and the network's mission to drive the development of a safe, globally effective vaccine to prevent HIV


HVTN moves forward with Africa's first major HIV-vaccine trial

Hutch News | March 1, 2007
Three thousand South Africans may enroll in continent's first large-scale HIV-vaccine study

A deadly cycle of infection

Hutch News | Dean Forbes | Jan. 1, 2007
Study by PHS, Clinical Research divisions shows malaria may fuel spread of HIV while HIV may boost adult malaria-infection rates in Africa


Study: Malaria may fuel spread of HIV while HIV may boost malaria infection rates in some areas of Africa

Hutch News | Dec. 7, 2006
Malaria may be fueling the spread of HIV in areas of sub-Saharan Africa where there is a substantial overlap between the two diseases, while HIV may be playing a role in boosting adult malaria-infection rates in some parts of the region, according to a new study by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington.