Join the Lab

Graduate Students

We accept graduate students from three programs: MCB, University of Washington Genome Sciences and the M3D Program.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral positions are available for multiple projects in the lab.  For example, we are interested in linking specific gene mutations in SCLC to therapeutic vulnerabilities and to chemoresistance. We have developed a panel of new genetically engineered murine models (e.g. see Jia et al, 2018 Cancer Discovery) and patient-derived xenograft models that can be used in these efforts.  Many projects in the lab incorporate genome-wide functional screens in cells and in vivo.  These screens are used to identify functionally important genes for SCLC and genetic vulnerabilities that might lead to new avenues to therapeutically target SCLC.  One available project includes interrogating the importance of candidate SCLC driver genes and linking specific SCLC-mutated genes to novel therapeutic approaches. Hits identified through functional screens are followed by therapeutic studies that employ GEM and PDX model.  A second available project applies in vivo functional screens to understand drivers of chemoresistance.

To Apply:

If interested in any of these opportunities, please contact David MacPherson.