Dispatches from the microbial frontier of cancer research

Hutch News Stories | July 15, 2022
Hutch scientists aim high by way of the lowly microorganisms that call us home

How a diverse gut microbiota improves stem cell transplant outcomes

MicrobiomePost | June 13, 2022
A study from Dr. Kate Markey suggests a link between microbiota, microbial metabolites and the maintenance of specific immune cells. 

From Unknown Unknowns to Known Unknowns: Intestinal Microbiota As a Previously Unappreciated Contributor to Cytokine Networks

The Hematologist | June 20, 2022
Adding microbiota profiling as a routine correlate in clinical and preclinical studies is likely to improve our understanding of the determinants of immune function. This, in turn, may offer insight into optimal strategies to manipulate the microbiome to ensure the best possible patient outcomes for immune-mediated conditions and complications of care.

MAIT and Vδ2 unconventional T cells are supported by a diverse intestinal microbiome and correlate with favorable patient outcome after allogeneic HCT

Science Translational Medicine | May 25, 2022
Dr. Kate Markey's recently published study reports that a diverse microbiome is key for supporting unconventional T cells (MAITS, V-delta-2s) after allo-HCT, which in turn = better HCT outcomes.