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A hallmark of many diseases and cancers is a dysfunctional cytoskeleton. A properly functioning cytoskeleton is needed for a wide variety of cellular events ranging from cell shape to cell signaling and migration/metastasis. We use multidisciplinary approaches to study these dynamic structural elements in various processes including wound repair and nuclear architecture/organization. The goal of the Parkhurst Lab is to understand the role of these elements in regulating normal developmental events and how this regulation goes awry in diseases/cancers, thereby providing new avenues for possible therapeutic targets or to enhance the effectiveness of existing treatment modalities.

Research Projects

Wound Healing

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of single cell and epithelial (multi-cellular) wound repair.

Nuclear Architecture/Organization

Mechanisms governing nuclear organization and the role of the WASH gene in these events.

Rho GTPases

Actin and microtuble dynamics mediated by Rho family GTPases and their downstream effectors.


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