Singhvi Lab

Singhvi Lab

The C. elegans nervous system: 56 glia and 302 neurons

The Neurochemical Symphony: A Song of Glia and Neurons

Neuron and Glia -inseparable sisters in the Labyrinth of Thought, 
Fingers intertwined, singing in strange argot. 
Yet, identical peas in a pod? Certainly not.

Neuron, full of action and potential; her electrifying intelligence a legend. 
Glia, shy and soft-spoken; helping, cooking and ever running an errand. 
Naturally then, Neuron often commanded the attention scend. 

Still, Cajal found Glia more enigmatic than she showed; he was prescient! 
When biologists realized that even Neuron heeded Glia’s counsel to be efficient, 
They started forging tools to translate the sisters’ descant…


Glia-Neuron Interactions

Welcome to the Singhvi lab! We aim to build a molecular mechanistic understanding of how glia-neuron interactions underlie nervous system functions and animal behavior, across health, disease, and aging.