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December 2021

James Bent joined the Singhvi lab as a Research Technician. When not in the lab creating transgenic worms to discover glia secrets, James also enjoys crafting undiscovered cocktails among other things. Welcome, James!

November 2021

Huge Congratulations to Violet Sorrentino for passing her General Exams and advancing to candidacy!

October 2021

The Koss Family generously donated to enable us to complete additional flow cytometry, bioinformatics, and functional genomics work to further our understanding of how different glia impact neural aging. Thank you, Koss Family!

September 2021

Violet Sorrentino is awarded a second year of funding for the competitive CMBG Training Grant Award. Congrats, Violet!

August 2021

Hot off the press! Another publication this year, this time in Frontiers in Cell & Developmental Biology. An extra big congrats to Sneha Ray (first author).  Give it a read here!

June 2021

Elgene John Quitevis joined the Singhvi and Setty labs as a data analyst / research intern. Elgene has been a huge help in analyzing single-cell RNA-seq data with Python and is splitting his time between the Singhvi and Setty labs. Welcome, Elgene!

Clarissa Sofian joined the lab as a research intern and is working with Stephan Raiders on his project “Defining the role of C. elegans Parkin/PDR-1 in glial engulfment of neuron fragments” while she works towards her BS in neuroscience at the University of Washington. Welcome, Clarissa!

March 2021

Violet Sorrentino is awarded an NSF-GRFP Fellowship! Congratulations Violet!

Cecilia Martin receives a conference scholarship from Hutch United! Congratulations Cecilia!    

Big YAY... the lab’s first research paper is published in eLife! It describes our discovery of glial pruning in C. elegans, and role of glial pruning in sensory behavior. Huge Cheers for Stephan Raiders (first author) and Erik Black (second author)!

Nina-Tuyen Tran joined the lab as a research technician. When she's not in the lab, she enjoys backpacking, biking, and baking bread. Welcome, Nina!

January 2021

Amina Khan, a freshman at UW, joins the lab as an undergraduate intern. Welcome, Amina! 

Welcome to rotation student Randal Eck (UW Neuroscience program)! 

Raiders et al, J. Neurosci: we had a blast writing this multi-lab review on glial pruning! Check it out here.    

December 2020

The Singhvi Lab welcomes Rachel Reed on board as our Research Administrator! She makes sure our lab stays ship-shape (and out of all sorts of trouble!). Besides shepherding us, she is also a cool cat-mom and a naturalist who loves dispersed camping.  

November 2020

Stephan Raiders receives the Paul Neiman Outstanding Graduate Student Award. Congratulations, Stephan! 

The Singhvi lab's first research preprint is now on biorxiv!

September 2020

Stephan Raiders receives the NIH-F31 Predoctoral Training Fellowship! Congratulations Stephan!

October 2020

Violet Sorrentino is selected for a competitive CMBG Training Grant Award. Congratulations, Violet!! 

The lab receives its first NIH - NINDS R01 funding, yay! So much exciting glia biology to continue exploring.

August 2020

Huge Congrats to German Rojas for passing his General Exams.  Singhvi Lab’s third student (in less than a year!!!) to advance to PhD Candidacy! We started with a socially-distanced picnic.

July 2020

German Rojas is awarded a 3-year HHMI-Gilliam Predoctoral Fellowship, a prestigious award given annually to a student-faculty pair! WooHoo! Congratulations German! See also our Hutch High-Five.

June 2020

Stephan Raiders is awarded a competitive Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging NIH-T32 Training Fellowship through HALO. Congratulations Stephan! 

Violet Sorrentino joins the lab, welcome Violet! 

March 2020

Welcome to rotation students Sujin Byeon, Pralaksha Gurung (UW Neuroscience program) and Violet Sorrentino (MCB program). The “virtual” rotation in a wet lab (unfortunate COVID19 era fallout) can be challenging, but all three of these young scientists stayed amazingly engaged and driven! 

A complete lab shut-down for months was hard. We helped each other keep our glia in shape through zoom chats/TeaVino hours/games.

January 2020

Heartiest congratulations to Maria Purice for being awarded a Washington Research Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship!

December 2019

From our lab to all of you – happy holidays!

December 18th, 2019 - The Singhvi lab thanks The Glenn Foundation and American Federation for Aging Research for their support of our work.

December 2nd, 2019 - Huge Congrats to Sneha Ray for passing her General Exams.  Singhvi Lab’s second student to advance to PhD Candidacy (first from the Neuroscience Program)! Celebrations called for cake, bubbly and LaserTag!

November 2019

November 8th, 2019 - Big Congrats to Stephan Raiders for passing his  General Exams and becoming Singhvi Lab’ s first student to advance to PhD candidacy! Celebrations included a lab boardgame night.

October 2019

OOOH…Yeah! Singhvi Lab wins the Most Horrific Pumpkin Award 2nd year in a row!! Mutagenesis gone wrong Pumpkinstein sprouted pig body parts. Go Team! (although pig-brain-in-red-gel zipping around on Roomba in PI's office was freaky yuck!)

September 2019

Serious about our annual Serious Pie outing.

Welcome to rotation student Victoria Mallet (UW MCB program)

July 2019

The First Singhvi Lab Beer Hour Luau! Food, games, sun and a dog. 

The New York Times interviews Aakanksha on the updated worm connectome published by the Emmons lab.

Singhvi Lab hosts a train of Seattle-area high-schoolers. 

June 2019

Fun and Science at the International C. elegans meeting

German Rojas, Neuroscience graduate student, joins the lab, welcome German!

April 2019

The Singhvi lab thanks The Anderson Foundation and The Marco J. Heider Foundation for their support of our work!

Welcome to rotation student German Rojas (UW Neuroscience program).

March 2019

Stephan wins Best Talk Award at the North West Developmental Biology Meeting, including a trip to SDB 2019 in Boston! Congratulations, Stephan!

Lab goes Pin-bowling on Pi day.

February 2019

Sneha’s collaboration with the Vidal-Gadea lab is out in print at PNAS

January 2019

Welcome to rotation students Fred Yeboah and Alex Neitz (UW MCB program).

December 2018

First Singhvi Lab Holiday Party. Happy Holidays!

October 2018

Singhvi lab WINS the uber-competitive and heavily coveted Fred Hutch Pumpkin Carving Award as the “Most Horrific Pumpkin”! OOOO-YAY!!! Live worms, broken pipette through torn gloves, broken Nobel medal and specimen slides….and an ongoing plastic roach infestation in the PI’s office (YIKES!)

Maria Purice joins the lab as our first postdoc, welcome Maria!

September 2018

Sneha wins a competitive T32 Neuroscience Training grant award. Congratulations, Sneha!

Riley Kimsey joins the lab as our Research Administrator, welcome Riley! She keeps our administrative toes in line, and her favorite color is (128, 0, 128).

Science and fun at the Fred Hutch Basic Science Retreat, Museum of Flight.

Summer/Fall 2018

Awesome news: Stephan, Sneha and Cecilia have their “previous lab” papers out + multiple birthday celebrations! i.e. we spent every week with cake, beer, or both, for months (oh, and a “no-photo-evidence” lab ice-cream outing). We forgot to take pics of all.

July 2018

Erik Black joins the lab as Research Technician, meme collator, and official Radiohead fan. Welcome Erik!

June 2018

Lab @ C. elegans Neuro Meeting in Madison, WI. Stephan presents the lab’s first poster!

Stephan Raiders joins the lab as our first MCB graduate student, welcome Stephan!

Sneha Ray joins the lab as our first Neuroscience graduate student, welcome Sneha!

Aakanksha is delighted to join the Department of Biological Structure, UW School of Medicine as an Affiliate Assistant Professor.

April 2018

Just Hatched! Bai-Singhvi labs warming party

Aakanksha gives a talk at UW Biochemistry

March 2018

Cecilia Martin is the first Singhvi lab member, welcome Cecilia! Now we officially get down to business. Cecilia makes sure to keep the lab up and running, and is our worm database czar.

Welcome to rotation students Stephan Raiders (UW MCB program) and Sneha Ray (UW Neuroscience program)


Aakanksha arrives at Fred Hutch