The Neurochemical Symphony: A Song of Glia and Neurons

Neuron and Glia -inseparable sisters in the Labyrinth of Thought,
Fingers intertwined, singing in strange argot.
Yet, identical peas in a pod? Certainly not.

Neuron, full of action and potential; her electrifying intelligence a legend.
Glia, shy and soft-spoken; helping, cooking and ever running an errand.
Naturally then, Neuron often commanded the attention scend.

Still, Cajal found Glia more enigmatic than she showed; he was prescient!
When biologists realized that even Neuron heeded Glia’s counsel to be efficient,
They started forging tools to translate the sisters’ descant…


A. Singhvi, 2016


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Preview by Sun, LO and Barres, B in Cell. “Glia Get Neurons in Shape
Editor’s Choice by Wong, W in Science Signaling. “Glia dictate Neuronal Morphology
Rockefeller NewsWire
F1000 Recommendation by Jenny, A

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