Dls1 Transcript Array

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Histone fold protein Dls1p is required for Isw2-dependent chromatin remodeling in vivo. A. McConnell, M. Gelbart and T. Tsukiyama Mol Cell Biol 2004, 24:2605-2613.

Data for all 6 microarray expression experiments are available for downloading as a text file format.

Files 1-6 are original gpr files for rpd3 isw2 vs rpd3 dls1. 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 constitute dye-swap pairs. File 7 contains data used in Figure 3A, which was normalized in Genespring and is the average of all three data sets.

Abstract of the manuscript

We report the identification and initial characterization of two new subunits of the Isw2 chromatin remodeling complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Both proteins, Dpb4p and Yjl065cp (named Dls1p), contain histone fold motifs and are homologous to the two smallest subunits of ISWI-containing CHRAC complexes in higher eukaryotes. Dpb4p is also a subunit of the DNA polymerase epsilon (pol) complex, and Dls1p is homologous to another pol subunit, Dpb3p. Therefore, these small histone fold proteins may fulfill functions that are required for both pol and Isw2 complexes. Transcriptional analyses reveal that Isw2 complex requires Dls1p to various degrees at a wide variety of loci in vivo. Consistent with this, Dls1p is required for Isw2-dependent chromatin remodeling in vivo, although the requirement for this protein varies among Isw2 targets. Dls1p is likely required for functions of the Isw2 complex at the steps subsequent to its interaction with chromatin, since a dls1 mutation does not affect cross-linking of Isw2 with chromatin.