Histone H4 Basic Patch Mutant Transcript Array

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Two distince mechanisms of chromatin interaction by the Isw2 chromatin remodeling complex in vivo. Mol. Cell. Biol. 2005, 25:9165-9174. Fazzio TG, Gelbart ME, Tsukiyama T


Normalized data

1781-35a    (.XLS 2,319 KB)
1781-35b    (.XLS 2,320 KB)
1781-53a     (.XLS 2,321 KB)
1781-53b    (.XLS 2,322 KB)
1781v1948   (.XLS 2,702 KB)

Raw data

2002-08-27_1781-35a_gpr     (.XLS 1,281 KB)
2002-08-27_1781-35b_gpr     (.XLS 1,245 KB)
2002-08-27_1781-53a_gpr     (.XLS 1,270 KB)
2002-08-27_1781-53b_gpr     (XLS 1,2870 KB)