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Boeckh group team members and Science Education teachers enjoy chocolate chip cookies together

Boeckh group team members and Science Education Partnership teachers enjoy cookies together at the annual lab chocolate chip cookie competition

The Boeckh Group is committed to supporting the success of our team members through mentorship, funding, scholarship, and community. We invite scientists from diverse backgrounds at all stages of training to come work with us. Depending on interest, our scientists can practice mentorship within Fred Hutch and through community outreach through the Science Education Partnership and Hutch United, an employee resource group at the Hutch focused on promoting the success of scientists from historically excluded and marginalized backgrounds.

For Visiting Scientists and Faculty

We accept applications from visiting scientists from other US institutions and abroad, including faculty that want to spend a sabbatical with our program. Typically, visiting scientists come for a period of one year to do research in one of our areas. For more information, see VIDD Research Programs. Shorter-term visits may be possible depending on the scope of the project. Generally, scientists are expected to bring their own funding for at least one year.

If interested, please send your application and CV to Dr. Boeckh. 



For MD and PhD Fellows

Infectious Disease Fellowship

The Training Program in Infectious Diseases aims to develop the next generation of physician and postdoctoral scientists with expertise on infectious diseases that afflict transplant patients and other people with compromised immune systems. Our program provides a scientifically rigorous, interdisciplinary, culturally inclusive training environment, and prepares trainees to perform basic, translational and clinical research on infectious diseases in immunocompromised patients, using state-of-the-art methods and analytical techniques. We seek promising candidates who will use their expertise to advance knowledge and develop future strategies to better prevent, treat and control these infections in the US and worldwide. Both MD and PhD fellows are invited to apply.

The program accepts two trainees a year (MD and/or PhD) and provides three years of trainee support through this grant. It is funded by a T32 training grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

How to apply: See ID Fellowship Brochure for more information, or contact

Post-doc positions in the lab

If you are interested in a postdoctoral lab position, please send your letter of interest and curriculum vitae to Dr. Boeckh. Applicants without funding may be considered for our T32 fellowship program if they are training grant eligible (permanent residents or citizens of the United States), but will otherwise only be considered in rare circumstances unless there is a job opening.

For open positions, see Fred Hutch Career Opportunities.


Summer Internship Program on Infectious Diseases in the Immunocompromised Host

A limited number of stipends are available each year Infectious Diseases in the Immunocompromised Host Summer Internship Program. Paid internships are available for first-year medical students and currently-enrolled undergraduates with an interest in infectious diseases within immunocompromised populations. The program promotes equity, diversity and inclusion. Students from historically underrepresented groups in the health-related sciences are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age or older. For details, see the Summer Internship Program section of the Infectious Disease Sciences Program page.

For additional internship opportunities, see the Summer Undergraduate Research Program or Internship Opportunities.

We routinely hire undergraduates to work as Lab Aides, providing entry level positions and exposure to a broad spectrum of careers in clinical research and medicine. For open positions, see Fred Hutch Career Opportunities.

Seattle Central College MESA Program Internship

Student members of the Seattle Central College Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program are eligible to apply for a six-month internship with our group in partnership with Hutch United. Stipends available for eligible students through LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation) funds through Seattle Central MESA. 

For more information, contact Terry Stevens-Ayers.

High School Students

We are generally unable to host students younger than age 18 in the lab due to regulations around the use of hazardous materials. We are open to being contacted about informational interviews about careers in science and our research. For more information, contact Terry Stevens-Ayers. Fred Hutch does offer several internship programs for high school students.

Boeckh group clinical unit team members stand by their cubicles

Boeckh group clinical unit team members

Caren Brinkema
Diverse Boeckh lab team members hold up signs that say #DiversityMatters, #WeAreScientists, and #ScienceFTW

Boeckh lab team members at a Hutch United event

Four young women in graduation garments lean against a rail on a balcony on a sunny day

Boeckh Lab undergraduates and technicians celebrating graduation

Boeckh group team members stand with science education supplies, including spinning wheel for quiz game

Boeckh Lab team members at science education event for elementary school students

Three scientists in lab coats look at the camera and smile behind their masks

Boeckh lab team members

Caren Brinkema